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It's OK to Say NO

We all fall into that trap. Someone comes up to us and asks for help or to tack on something that we are already doing on a certain project. 307 more words


It has been a while!

WOW! A lot has been going on with my life lately!  All good thankfully and it really has brought me away from blogging about business! 124 more words

Life in High-Definition

Many people sacrifice their greatest passions in exchange for a life of security and predictability. They choose comfort and convenience over conviction, sacrifice, risk, and reward. 305 more words



Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my marbles.

Speaking of marbles, Great Grandpa had a box of marbles that I hid from the kids because I was sick of stepping on them in the middle of the night. 207 more words


People are productive until they're not.

What is it about today’s society that makes people think that they need to fill their entire schedule with activities in order to have a productive day? 302 more words

Who’s Paying The Pro-War Pundits? | PopularResistance.Org

If you read enough news and watch enough cable television about the threat of the Islamic State, the radical Sunni Muslim militia group better known simply as ISIS, you will inevitably encounter a parade of retired generals demanding an increased US military presence in the region. 203 more words

Three Simple Steps to Success

I was asked today how I get things done.  I had to laugh, because this morning was another morning I found myself awake at 3:00 a.m. 1,030 more words

Living The Full Life