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Is your GPS watch a slavedriver?

Runners are naturally OCD. When I say naturally, I mean that runners who are successful will follow set routines for pre-workouts, post-workouts, eating, timing, race preparation, and other things. 668 more words


30 Kindness Challenge

Over the past few months I’ve felt myself become… mean. 

I’m less patient. Less forgiving. Quick to anger and quick to criticize, I found myself pushing others away and retreating further into my little bubble of bitterness. 428 more words

Day 55 - Look back

I started the task of writing my programme leader’s report today.
For me, that means reading every module report written by the teaching team and attempting to tease out some narrative threads that link them together. 400 more words

Mass Appeal

I joked the other day that I need to write a novel that has mass appeal – what is the hot ticket item these days that will get a fledgling author noticed? 616 more words


Goals Tuesdays Part 3

Good afternoon! I apologize for missing yesterday! I totally spaced that it was a holiday! We spent some time just relaxing with each other and watching movies. 302 more words

⛅Blue Sky☁

U look in the air nd nothin is there…
U stare w/o ah care nd still….nothin appears, but actually stuff is placed in perfect position u jus can’t comprehend it…….glazed over, round nd wide eyed like donuts/this no dough slow gettin flow sucks so I pour up in that blue sky nd start to see the tye-dye nd my mind steadily realize how much I think bout the “why’s” nd “byes” when I should have my mind on “control” nd “goals”




My mother, my sister, and me. We know we look ridiculous. We are very happy about it. Just look at Maggie’s expression. The perfect clothes for tromping about in a new place. 209 more words