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Priorities Revisited: A Practical Guide, Part 2, Daily Priorities

Set your priorities. Be sure they are set well. Then guard those priorities for all you are worth.

How do we set priorities? A little introspection, please. 324 more words

Top of Mind or Top of List - How Do You Prioritize?

As a Product Manager, you constantly need to prioritize and are constantly pulled in a million directions.  But when it comes down to feature and defects specifically, how do you prioritize?   563 more words


No Worries

Child of Mine,
Don’t be anxious about your life—what you’ll eat or wear, or what you may drink.  Don’t worry about your body, and what clothes you’ll put on.  422 more words


Day 30

What gives when your life goes wonky? (Personal follow-up: when is my life ever not wonky?)

A week after we returned from Costa Rica I heard about this great language-learning app, … 989 more words

Running a 5K in a month : Session #30 My big day is coming and I am soooo nervous

I have cramps and diarrhea. This shows you how important this is for me.

I am flying out for the holidays in a few weeks and this too is a challenge as I have been through a rocky year so far and had to learn a lot of people skills to get there. 53 more words


Kay: Step into This

Our characters move through an arc, changing as they resolve the conflicts, solve the problems, and overcome the challenges that they encounter. One way we can show character change is to show behavioral changes. 546 more words

Character Development

God with us

“The people brought to Jesus
all who had various kinds of sickness,
and laying his hands on each one,
he healed them.”

(Luke 4:40)

Reflection: 231 more words