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Flow Efficiency

Why understanding the flow efficiency is so crucial to continue with any further Lean attempts? Mostly because this single term explains the idea of what Lean aims at and provides a baseline for another key elements like the wastes. 289 more words

Continuous Improvement

Make Relationships a Priority

In our careers, it’s easy to focus on our projects and deliverables. Meetings quickly fill up our calendars, and it can seem impossible to even find time to come up for air. 563 more words

Professional Development

Prioritization & Refreshment

Last October 2013, I looked forward on my Google calendar to September and October 2014 and put a 2-month-long “appointment” titled “Do not overbook! Fall = favorite season!” 715 more words


I used to chat with my friends over facebook messenger on my computer most of the time. Then I got a job and a real phone plan. 203 more words


Don't Let Others Choose Your Dream

If you want to be a Next Level Leader (NLL) you’re most likely going to start your own business, or create a unique idea for your existing employer. 417 more words



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