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I used to chat with my friends over facebook messenger on my computer most of the time. Then I got a job and a real phone plan. 203 more words


Don't Let Others Choose Your Dream

If you want to be a Next Level Leader (NLL) you’re most likely going to start your own business, or create a unique idea for your existing employer. 417 more words



NEW: Materials relating to UNB’s prioritization exercise can be found here

Visit AUNBT’s Prioritization page for links to AUNBT’s position paper and more.


Why Prioritization Doesn't Fix the "List that Overfloweth"

You need to prioritize your work.

You need to make a list of everything that you need to do.

You need better time management skills.

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Gen X

How can you afford your Whac-A-Mole lifestyle? (hint: you can't)

You’ve seen them.

Running from place to place.  Conducting drive-bys at every cube, leaving unclear action items in their wake – and frustrating employees everywhere. 497 more words


25 Day Challenge: Day 20-21

The weekend was filled with running around, getting last minute things for my upcoming trip to India and Vietnam.  My Dell computer decided to shut down right after the guaranteed period (1 year).  382 more words


Lifestyle: If You Had One Shot

You have kids. Or you have two jobs. Or a demanding spouse. Or a bunch of pets. Or a TV addiction.

Yet you still want to exercise (but you can’t find time). 653 more words