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How to Maximize your To-do List

Have you ever had so many things to do in a day that you felt completely overwhelmed and finished less than half of your daily tasks? 344 more words

Success Principles

If You Don't Prioritize Your Life, Someone Else Will

If You Don’t Prioritize Your Life, Someone Else Will

…First, separate the decision from the relationship. Sometimes these seem so interconnected, we forget there are two different questions we need to answer. 279 more words

Trainings And Development


The weather has not been kind in April.  Once again, today is cold and grey with snow flurries in the morning.  It’s another tough one. 157 more words

Stop the "I just don't have the time" excuse

I had planned to to do a post on my 5/3/1 progression today, since I am done with the strength part of my 2014 plan… 471 more words

My Time Management and My Celiac Disease

I am a Celiac. This means I need to maintain a gluten-free diet or stand the inevitable outcome of having my autoimmune system attacked. It means I can’t eat anything with wheat, barley or rye which doesn’t sound like much of a big deal until you realize how many things contain wheat, barley or rye (think pizza and beer for example).   340 more words

Time Management

My To-Do List

It’s Monday.  Today I woke up with a long list of “to do’s” for the week.  I’ve got laundry piled up, a house that seriously needs some attending to; I’ve got bills to pay, groceries to shop for, a dog that needs to be taken to a groomers; we’re right in the middle of a bathroom reno, I’ve got lessons to plan for school, windows to wash, meals to plan and cook…  You get the idea! 646 more words

Proverbs 16:9 - Journey Thoughts

Working Mom's Tips on well...Being a Mom

Happy Sunday!

It has been a while since I last posted an entry. Lately, we have been very busy. I don’t mind though. By busy, I mean not entirely because of work (like last year), all though it will still be a contributing factor, but busy being a mom and a wife. 1,269 more words

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