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The Table

The Crooked Seal

“What yo life like?

A dead silence fell over the compound as the condemning sound of over one hundred and fifty steel doors slamming shut echoed off the pale concrete walls. 2,834 more words

Return to sender

Dearest Canada:

Hi, it’s me — your national penitentiary. Sorry it’s taken so long to write back. There’s a lot going on for me right now, and it’s been a crazy year. 954 more words


Thoughts on War Machine

Author: Erica (Photo Credit: TMZ.com)

Well, this happened:

War Machine
Attempts Suicide by Hanging in Jail

(Read the full TMZ exclusive here)

For those not following the story, “War Machine” may very well get life in prison for what he did to Christy Mack – and he should, without a doubt, be punished for the physical and emotional trauma he inflicted. 383 more words

Prison Life

You Are What You Think You Are

If you think you can, you’re right.
If you think you can’t, you’re right.

Your thoughts, which you can control, will develop your character. It’ll also contribute heavily to all your circumstances in life. 394 more words

Steven Jennings

You've Got Time

Author: Erica

I really like to sing to myself. Songs are constantly popping into my head, and this evening as I was making myself a snack I started rocking out to the “Orange is the New Black” theme song. 729 more words


The long game

“So then… this is it?” The faces rarely vary — a real butcher’s blend of realization, disbelief and gloom — when they finally register that a life sentence means bedding down in some form of state custody until your heart stops beating for more than four minutes. 857 more words