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Tunnelling to market

Watching Wolf Blitzer unearth the Palestinian “terror tunnels” this summer reminded me that I owed a letter to Jane. Jane is my American friend who was living in the Gaza Strip when most of those passages were dug. 852 more words


On Walden Pond

A stream of clear warm water flows through a stand of birch trees. The stream bed of smooth flat rocks is perfect – a perfect place to sit and wile away a summer afternoon. 145 more words

Prison Life

The spoiled of war

“Dope,” pronounced Gáton in his thick Québécois patois, “it change everything.”

It’s been 60 years — with more than 35 of them spent sleeping in the tax haven called incarceration — since my Big House colleague came to life on the shady side of Montreal’s Saint-Laurent Boulevard. 952 more words


Shakedown and violence

Well today was an interesting day. We recieved our weekly razors to use for 3 hours. After shaving my cellmate broke the handle away from the razor blade. 256 more words


Fights among inmates

I watched 2 individuals fight in the open space of our section for probably 20 min. on Aug. 4. We all expected SWAT to come and stop it but not one single officer came. 105 more words


Personal responsibility — the final frontier

With two weeks to go until Labour Day, 2014 has already been an ominous year. Rob Ford went to rehab. Alison Redford (who would have loved the Concorde) went native. 892 more words