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Atheism in Prison

One common point I hear from Christians here in prison is that Jesus has made them a better person, and can do the same for me. 88 more words


Joe average

“Derk – with an e.” I shook the newbie’s outstretched mitt. “Iridian” I said — and immediately thought the better of it. The Quebecois have a hard time slaloming through the I’s when you line them up like that. 802 more words


The fools of April

Me and the missus are scrappin’. Sigh. Who knows where these things come from? One minute everything is all Brad & Angie, the next it’s a Crimean referendum. 814 more words



So, after 2 years I’m getting a visit!!! I bet you wish you knew who was coming huh? In time my friends!!! It’s been a long time since I have seen this person though! 21 more words

Prison Life


I just got in from outside. Walking, clearing my mind. Thinking. There seems to be turmoil always within this native circle here. I try like heck to keep things balanced between these brothers, but it’s hard. 1,606 more words

Prison Life

I Am Dead and a Hated Memory at that--I Truly Know the Definition of Hell.

7-26-2010 Letter to Mom & Dad

“Well, yesterday was my birthday—Yay! Thanks for the card. It was very thoughtful and well chosen. I know it must be hard finding a card that didn’t come off as pretentious. 2,008 more words

The day the law got laid

It’s been more than a week and Scotch Bob is still glowing. When the Supreme Court of Canada went 8–0 on the Whaling decision, and followed that up with a 6–1 rejection of Hang ’em High Nadon to the country’s top court, Scotch Bob asked his mom to print him a screen capture of the pinched look on Stephen Harper’s face. 879 more words