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Prisoner 88

This is the fictional story of Jake, a ten-year-old boy sentenced to five years in the adult prison of Idaho during the late 1880’s. The author was inspired to write this piece of historical fiction after a 2007 tour of the Old Idaho Penitentiary. 144 more words

Miss Kathy

Prison Poetry

Inmates write poetry. It is not the typical Hallmark greeting variety, not the simple iambic pentameter. They are words artfully placed upon a page to paint a vivid picture. 270 more words

Creative Writing

Irritation and depression help

One day is filled with the motivation to what feels like I’m changing the world, and the next, I’m struggling to get out of bed & go to the shower while I have time out of my cell. 320 more words


Prison 104 - Creative Writing

I nervously walked into the recreation room. I really did not see how this could even be called a recreation room, as it only consisted of one television, and a bunch of tables and chairs. 287 more words

Thirteen Spot Door

Feeling the clouds out of him, or into him, confirmed for Ceadda what he had heard on his scratched up old Walkman tied with a strip of bedsheet to the bars of the window. 812 more words


A peace of the pie

In case you missed the smoke signals, this morning starts a big day in lower Manhattan. That’s where the curiously name United Nations is celebrating day zero in its 100-day countdown to an International Day of Peace. 1,121 more words


Get out stay out of prison

Recently I recieved a letter from someone who briefly discussed some of his opinion on  the American prison system & other information in which he studied years ago. 306 more words