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Texas won't sign RAPE BILL to protect prisoners because they say, "How else are the inmates going to have sex?"

via Petition drive urges Texas governor-elect to implement PREA | San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

Texas is a funny state.  Instead of reforming their prisoners and helping the sick people to become useful members of me they instead capture their prisoners, lock them up, get them raped every day and then when it’s time – they execute them or they set them free so they can go out and rape civilians and most likely kill them – because if I am not mistaken – isn’t that what prison reform is all about in Texas? 73 more words


Beyond Scared Straight

My name is Rudy and i’ve seeked interest in a television show named Beyond Scared Straight. No this isn’t a show where they scare gay people straight, this is a show where they get trouble teens that are smoking pot, joining gangs, dealing crack you name it and scare them. 279 more words

"Feminists lie about rape because it's a badge of honor," and other insights from the upside-down world of Men's Rights Redditors

You know how, in The Poseidon Adventure, the giant cruise ship gets flipped over by a huge wave and the passengers have to make their way through the upside-down ship to the bottom of the hull, which is now the top, in order to survive? 61 more words


Send a Holiday message to a survivor of prison rape

I was reading Gawker today and I found out about this wonderful program from Just Detention International – Words of Hope – that enables you to send some Holiday cheer to a survivor of prison rape. 108 more words

Prison Clerk Raped By Inmate To Reportedly Get $3.3 Million

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections is settling a federal lawsuit filed by a prison clerk whose rape by an inmate led to a leadership shake-up and changes in prison operations. 174 more words


Tri-Valley Haven Takes A Stand Against Sexual Assault in Detention

Every year, at least 216,600 people are sexually abused in jails, prisons and other detention facilities in the U.S. To put that number in perspective, that’s about a quarter of the population of San Francisco. 772 more words

Rape Jokes

It’s a knee-jerk reaction to say that all feminists are against rape jokes. I, personally, am not. But I’m for a particular kind of joke that involves rape that no one seems to be telling. 521 more words

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