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The “punk” tattoo guy

Along time ago back when I was “green” to all of this being locked up stuff, there was this friend I met while in jail. He had this tattoo on his chest of a crazy looking face, and under it was the word “punk”. 476 more words


Crashing a car because of the tattoo

After guys have been locked up for a bunch of years, they tend to lose their ability to handle relationships with people, especially those out there in the free world. 613 more words



Prison has its own language. The word “punk” doesn’t seem all that bad. But call someone a “punk” in prison and you could be fighting in the blink of an eye. 323 more words


The list is done...

I’ve just completed the top 5 reasons as to why you suck in prison… and if I could do it again I would have posted all 5 reasons at once instead of over the four days it took me to post them. 396 more words


The top 5 continued number 1

Number 1 being a snitch… without question, this easily tops out as number one on this list. Being a snitch or even being thought of as someone who “tells” is the absolute worst thing you could ever be thought of. 438 more words


Top 5 things countdown

Number 2 bad money… You know what’s worse than having no money while incarcerated? Spending money you don’t have and will never have or be able to repay. 284 more words


Top 5 things continued…continued

Number 3 bad hygiene habits… this should be by no real stretch of the imagination that guys with bad hygiene habits check in mid way through this list. 300 more words