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IDOP for the Persecuted Church

Remember those who are in prison as though you were in prison with them. Are we talking about the average criminal here? Nope! We are talking about good people, Godly people, who have been falsely accused in undemocratic societies and thrown in jail, tortured, beaten and often killed  533 more words

Fry and the attempted humanitarian reform of 19th century prisons

In the early 1800s prisons were extremely disordered and there was little supervision or regulation of the inmates. Newgate Prison, London was a famous unreformed Gaol and was renowned for its lack of discipline and classification of the inmates. 349 more words

Criminal Behaviour

Cell Phones Smuggled Into Prisons Find Their Way Into San Jose Domestic Violence Victim’s Hands

SAN JOSE (KCBS)— Dozens of cell phones confiscated from California inmates are now going to help victims of domestic violence in San Jose. Even though cell phones are banned behind bars, they somehow they keep making their way into California state prisons. 210 more words


Man Jailed After Asking Probation Officer for Weed

A Georgia man is in prison again after texting his probation officer to ask for marijuana. Alvin Cross, Jr., of Albany , Georgia, sent a text to his probation officer asking, “You have some weed?” 113 more words

Jails And Prisons


Shredded wood bobbles in the water near my oasis of dry land. Cousin Jack’s name blazes across what’s left of his johnboat. My heart sinks. He was supposed to meet me here, rescue me from that demented prison. 248 more words

Short Story

‫ﺭﻭﺯﯼ ﮐﻪ ﺭﺩﭘﺎﯼ ﺑﻪ ﺟﺎ ﻣﺎﻧﺪﻩ، ﺷﺒﻴﻪ ﭼﮑﻤﻪ ﻫﺎﯼ ﮐﺪﺧﺪﺍﺑﻮﺩ‬

‫چهار ماه قبل از وقوع اسیدپاشی‌های زنجیره‌ای در اصفهان پرسش هایی را از مسیح علی‌ نژاد که به اعتراف خودش تعلق خاطر به جناحی از حکومت دارد و از «حجاب اجبار» دفاع نمود، منتشر کردیم و از ایشان خواستیم به پرسش‌های افكار عمومی در صفحه سپیده دم نیز پاسخ دهد، از جمله اینکه آیا می‌تواند اهداف واقعی‌ خود را از راه اندازی «صفحه آزادی‌های یواشکی زنان در ایران» به ما بگوید تا از امنیت زنان اطمینان حاصل شود؟ آیا حاضر است طراحان حجاب اجباری را به مردم معرفی‌ نماید؟ (بر اساس شواهد غیر قابل انکار اين صفحه توسط عوامل همان حكومتی‌ که اسید پاشی‌های زنجیره‌ ای سازماندهی کرده گردانده ميشود و تقاضا می‌کنیم هر چه سريعتر جهت حفظ امنيت خود هرگونه ارتباط را با اين صفحه قطع كنيد.

What will people think??

We constantly compare ourselves to others. We compare weight, body type/shape, clothes, jobs/careers, cars, partners or spouses….and on and on and on. We compare Everything! We’re not taught to be content with ourselves. 767 more words

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