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Plum Duff for the Prisoners: Gloucester Gaol, Christmas 1929

An article appeared in The Citizen on 17 December 1929, bearing the headline:

Gloucester Gaol’s Xmas

“Lags” Now Making Their Way Home to Prison.

Readers were informed that plum duff, “the poor man’s Christmas pudding”, was to be served on Christmas Day to all the prisoners who were undergoing sentence in Gloucester Gaol. 479 more words


Another Cost of Our Prison System

Good morning!

Just landed in DC and I have a little time to kill waiting for my ride from the airport, so I thought I’d share this blog post I wrote this semester for a class on managing healthcare costs.   464 more words

Where did ISIS form? Inside US prisons

Important inside look at when, where, and how ISIS’ leadership had the opportunity to plan their organisation and goals: inside Iraqi prisons under US occupation. Chilling quote: “We could never have all got together like this in Baghdad, or anywhere else,” he told me. 26 more words

where everyone knows your name

Prison is funny (funny not fun). Everyone knows everyone.

Most of the inmates I see every week are lifers or have sentences that will consume most of their life. 304 more words


In the red, red sea

We now know what we suspected and it’s all right.

Our government tortured and a good chunk of Americans are good with that.

Long pause as I contemplate this… 234 more words



All I think about these days is spaceships and prisons…


John Carpenters Ghosts Of Mars Day One