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Census Count of Prisoners Distorts Districts

Fact: The U.S. Census counts prisoners as members of the district where they are incarcerated, even though prisoners often cannot vote.

Fact: This may distort political districts, adding as much as 33% to the population numbers of some precincts. 31 more words


Mass Incarceration: 21 Amazing Facts About America’s Obsession With Prison

The next sombitch that tries to tell me we live in a “free country” is going to get kicked in the groin. — jtl, 419… 1,175 more words

Police State

Prison photography takes a turn in the road

Prison photography has expanded its horizons. For years the perspective of prison has been from the outside looking in. Now the lens has been turned to the inside looking out. 66 more words


Editorial: Prisoner ‘rights’ often go too far

Few things fill taxpayers with more wrath than hearing about governments paying cash settlements to inmates for what are pretty minor breaches of their rights. 249 more words


Court declares mentally ill female prisoner not a dangerous offender

Marlene Carter, a 43-year-old inmate with severe mental illness who’s spent much of her five years behind bars tied to a plank, bed or chair in a solitary cell, is not a dangerous offender, a judge has ruled. 301 more words