Pearls - A New Jewellery Crush

Pearls are not dull anymore – with the wedding fashion shows upon us, designers are advising to put aside all the superstitions about pearls and to dare to wear them as a bride – and not only – for the new pearls jewellery have taken a new turn. 137 more words


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I gave you my heart
Pristine and perfect, given only to you
Returned, it lies broken, shattered

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Aleenta Hua Hin - Thailand Perfectly placed along the pristine...

Aleenta Hua Hin - Thailand Perfectly placed along the pristine sandy shores of Pak Nam Pran Bay in…

Masters Monday

(yep, its all Masters all week my friends!)

It’s Masters Week and as Augustans we all know what that means: hearing from people you haven’t spoken to in YEARS who are asking for tickets, wanting to know if they can stay with you, hoping you can hook them up with Masters merchandise… you know just a typical Monday. 346 more words


Clean and unblemished; in original unspoiled condition. Latin “pristinus”=former, original < “pri”=before + “tinus”=time suffix.