The Present and Future of Nutraceuticals from Pristine Nutraceuticals

Nutrition: “You’ve come a long way, baby”

With the rising costs of healthcare and a growing awareness of nutrition, nutraceuticals have become a practical option in preventative health. 297 more words


Collagen and the Aging Process - Pristine MedSpa-Laser Center | Ridgecrest CA

The natural process of aging can lead to unwanted effects on our appearance — lines, wrinkles and sagging skin — due to loss in collagen.

On the Market: Pristine 1960 Richard Neutra Design is All Yours for $2.3M

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, by Jenny Xie

Photos via Crosby Doe Associates
The Kambara Residence, a 2-level house designed by celebrated modernist Richard Neutra has listed for the first time ever, and, like many of one of the midcentury master’;s house designs to have hit the market…

Operator Spotlight - Lindsey Webber at the office of Dr. Daniel Man

Lindsay Webber remembers the days before she used Viora products. She worked at places that used similar equipment, in the aesthetics and natural health industries, but says nothing else compares. 186 more words