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Detekt - A free tool to see if government is spying on you

Are you one of those billions wondering, if government is spying on you? Fret no more, A big thanks to researcher Claudio Guarnieri, for developing the software Detekt. 130 more words

Amnesty International

Detekt tool aims to tell activists if their PCs are being spied on

A coalition of human rights groups has released a tool called Detekt, for finding known spyware packages. It doesn’t promise a 100 percent hit rate, but it’s supposed to help journalists and activists see if their Windows PCs have been infected with the likes of… 373 more words

Amnesty, EFF, Privacy International Put Out Free Anti-Surveillance Tool

Resistance is digital. Human rights charity Amnesty International is one of several organizations behind the release of a free, open source anti-surveillance tool called Detekt. 621 more words


UK spies can get intercepted communications from NSA without warrant, government lawyers admit

British intelligence services can get bulk intercepted communications data from the NSA and other foreign agencies without a warrant, information disclosed by government lawyers has shown. 414 more words

Spy chief says Cheltenham's GCHQ is not Big Brother

GCHQ boss Sir Iain Lobban has said people should worry more about private firms snooping on them than spy agencies.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the director of the Cheltenham-based listening post said commercial companies know everything about people and share the data. 373 more words