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General Mills Is Trying To Prevent People Who ‘Like’ Them On Facebook From Being Able To Sue Them

One of the most prevalent fantasies of the last twenty years or so is that you can get rich off a massive lawsuit, and frivolous lawsuits are filed all the time. 401 more words

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Future journalism

Is there a future for journalism? Are the declining advertising revenues and the declining readership (in particular for print) a glance at the slow death of our once dedicated 4th estate? 433 more words

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Week 11

1. I think computer programming can be viewed as creative, if one has interest in it. Both of my parents are computer programmers and both are very interested and excited in the work they do. 484 more words

'A Darker Side Of Privacy': Maybe it could happen

Now, listen to this…“A Darker Side Of Privacy,” which was published almost two years ago as an eBook, clearly anticipated the current privacy crisis in America. 414 more words

Long Beach New York

"RoadRunner" & "I'm Over Here!" Privacy Policy

RoadRunner and I’m Over Here! deals only with location. They does not collect, store, or share any personal information, or anything related to your device. However, we know an important concern for anyone using location-based services is private. 34 more words

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Here's Who's Gathering Your Personal Info (and What You Can Do About It)

A wealth of information exists in commercial databases detailing who you are, what you buy and where you go. While amassing information about people in order to better market to them isn’t new, today it’s a multibillion-dollar industry because of the sheer volume of data available. 1,308 more words