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Tech giants risk reputation, warn business leaders - FT.com

Large technology companies will experience the same collapse in reputation as banks have endured in recent years unless they rapidly change their policy approach, business leaders have cautioned. 109 more words

A Nation's Privacy is Hanging in the Balance: Rough Draft Editorial

Privacy. A word that can be defined as having “freedom from damaging publicity, public scrutiny, secret surveillance, or any unauthorized disclosure of one’s personal data or information by the government, a corporation, or an individual.” The future however may bring advancements in taking away one’s right to privacy. 653 more words

"Remember, Your Blog Is Public"

That’s what my professor told us today. This scared me a bit because of how open and honest I am with all of you. So now here is my question: How open and honest is too open n honest? 360 more words


Developer keeps your online browsing anonymous

A Toronto developer has released a new app that keeps your online browsing safe from Big Brother.

Andrew Hilts is the man behind TrackerSSL, a plugin for the Chrome web browser that lets users know if websites are transmitting their personal information without encrypting it first. 380 more words


Dropbox Received 275 Requests for User Data in 6 Months

With increasing concerns about government access to user data, tech companies try to appease us with reports on how frequently they’re asked to turn over information on users.

55 more words

YOU are the product: privacy issues with social media

Have you ever noticed that advertisements on webpages you go to happen to relate to your interests or other websites you’ve recently visited ? This is no coincidence. 347 more words


¿Por qué el Día Internacional de la Protección de Datos?

El Día Internacional de Protección de Datos fue creado con el objetivo que las personas y compañías tomen conciencia de la importancia de la privacidad de la información. 721 more words