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Those Voices in Your Head are Real - in Some Stores

Those Voices In Your Head Are Real–At Least, In Some Stores

A creepy new retail technology will whisper sweet nothings into your ear.

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Russia Forces Bloggers to Register

The government says this is needed so it can remove inaccurate or defamatory information on the Internet. But some bloggers fear it will limit free speech, allow Putin to close down blogs he doesn’t like and give him an excuse to block sites such as Twitter in the future.

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Good Grief

no time for time and duck stories

Turns out there’s a new broken promise in town. Once again I got bored and stopped writing …so much for my opinion on time flow, I guess, though don’t you worry,  I’ll be back to it at some point in the “future” (nah, the future is just a future. 786 more words


Australia's anti-terror proposals

The Government’s new proposals for tougher and broader anti-terror legislation in Australia has met with much criticism from civil liberty groups. The Muslim community has been highlighted throughout the weeks of discussion, with several press releases issued by community organisations and groups in opposition of the proposed changes. 70 more words


Babies Need Privacy

An article on NYTimes.com started with this provocative question:

Is sharing videos and pictures a violation of a child’s right to privacy, or a simple act to remain connected to friends and family?

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5 excuses for doing nothing about computer security!

Let’s be honest: computers and websites are often easier and quicker to use if you do nothing about security.

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Delaware passes law to give others access to our e-lives when we die

Donna Johnson’s father, an accountant in the US state of Delaware, died suddenly of a massive heart attack.

As many people do when they die, Mr. 1,083 more words