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12 Million Home Routers Vulnerable to Takeover

Misfortune Cookie Home Router Vulnerability Discovered | Threatpost | The first stop for security news

by Michael Mimoso[1]   
December 18, 2014 , 12:23 pm

More than 12 million devices running an embedded webserver called RomPager are vulnerable to a simple attack that could give a hacker man-in-the-middle position on traffic going to and from home routers from just about every leading manufacturer.

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Breaking: Christmas 2014 Is Cancelled!

Here’s the Christmas Story That The North Pole Does Not Want You to Read!

No Reason to Rejoice – Information Governance Scrooge Ups Widely Believed to Freeze Up North Pole Operations… 1,040 more words

Information Governance

'Outing' à la française: American influences in contemporary debates on same sex marriage

‘Outing’ of conservative anti-gay politicians in Washington DC has claimed an interesting array of colorful victims including anti- Republican politician Steve Wiles of North Carolina who turned out to be a former drag-queen, with photographic evidence thereof,  and other politicians ‘outed ‘ through more intrusive and violent ways including photographs  of men in compromising attire and positions and others caught on tape. 247 more words


US Supreme Court decision broadens police powers of search and seizure

By Nick Barrickman
18 December 2014

In a blow to the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that evidence obtained by police under a false reading of the law is never the less admisable in court on the grounds that the officer made a “reasonable mistake.” 436 more words


freedom of speech vs freedom to speech

David Cameron finds it easy to climb onto the barricades of free speech in this Telegraph report this afternoon:

David Cameron has appeared to criticised Sony Pictures for pulling a controversial film about the assassination of North Korea’s leader after cyberhackers threatened reprcussions if the movie was released.

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