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Do Confessional Poets Forfeit our Right to Privacy?

Last week I wrote a post about the sensitivity of performing confessional poetry given that it might violate the privacy of those people mentioned in the poems. 1,089 more words


Search and play EU, power games with Google

European Parliament lawmakers in Strasbourg voted on 27 November – 384 to 174 with 56 abstentions – in favour of a resolution calling Google to split search from its other businesses. 671 more words

European Parliament

Why privacy matters

Glenn Greenwald was one of the first reporters to see -and write about- the Edward Snowden files, with their revelations about the United States’ extensive surveillance of private citizens. 28 more words


Who’s job is it to catch terrorists, MI5’s or Facebook’s?

The sad killing of British soldier Lee Rigby has been in the headlines lately after release of a report about how authorities handled the case. Publicity was boosted because the committee thinks… 909 more words

Social Media

Big Brother's Watching

Have you logged onto your Facebook recently? What about your Instagram? Snapchat? How about your LinkedIn? Chances are you’re connected to all your social media sites right now. 620 more words


Peeping Toms

Peeping Toms used to be despised – creepy perverts sneaking about, poking their nose into other people’s private business.

But now Peeping Toms are in charge – the practice has become normalised. 19 more words


La tua privacy è il nostro orgoglio - 3° e ultima parte - La filosofia aziendale di F-Secure

Eccoci all’ultimo post relativo ai principi della privacy di F-Secure. Ho già delineato le fondamenta e il motivo per il quale la sicurezza rappresenta un requisito per la privacy. 587 more words