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Films are made up of many elements. Literary, theatrical, painterly, and musical. But there is something in film that is purely cinematic. When I make films or go to see the films of others, I go in hopes of experiencing this.

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Online Privacy Pt. 2

So on the last post Ashe talked about social media and the fact that a lot of privacy is lost or given up when using these apps. 176 more words

The Rise of the "Glasshole"

Yes, its scary, middle-aged white guy. But its happening and you’d better get on it.

First of all, Google Glass is real. I just want to get that out of the way. 545 more words


vi -x or 1Password

Yesterday I had one of those days where I get excited like a child on Xmas. 1Password got updated — on both OS X and iOS. 424 more words


Why is The Public Focusing on The Royal Family?

While I was looking through the Internet earlier today, something quite obvious caught my eye: we, the public, practically stalk to Royal Family.

I didn’t notice this before because it is almost like second nature to want to check in on this family, so, like everyone else, if I saw an article or an online photo album of their family outings, I would view them. 678 more words

Piercing the Privacy Veil


The term paparazzo originates from the perfect place – the movies – Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita to be exact; and this is the perfect place to originate because it is the movies stars that are so often the paparazzi subjects.  1,011 more words

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