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New Group Asks Congress to Protect Student Privacy

In this era of Big Data, many organizations want to collect and use personal student data for their own ends. In recent years, the U.S Department of Education has weakened the privacy protections embedded in FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). 963 more words


Sexting Teens And Child Pornography

A story out of Nottingham reported by the BBC illustrates how online communications technologies are challenging our courts and law enforcement agencies. 

When teens are caught sexting – exchanging provocative or sexual images of themselves through mobile phones – child pornography laws are often the only tools law enforcement has to deal with the situation.  127 more words

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This week 2-20′s blog takes a look at current technology and how recent developments in electronics and computers may be affecting your privacy.  Written by 2-20′s resident information governance expert Ilona N. 903 more words

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Vysk QS1 Is An Otterbox For The Privacy Freak

Last weekend, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden called on developers to design products that protect users’ privacy and Constitutional rights, saying he plans to promote such technologies. 609 more words


Our Top 5 Weird and Wonderful Balconies

We have a clear passion for balconies here at Elite Balustrade. We love that little piece of the outdoors that is yours and yours alone. Being able to still be in your home and yet feel the wind in your hair and the fresh air on your cheeks is such a luxurious feeling, we want to share it with everyone. 512 more words


Google given 18 months to change its handling of user data

The Italian Data Protection Commissioner has given Google 18 months to change the way it treats and stores user data.

The ruling, handed out as part of a European probe that found the company violated privacy policy laws across the European Union, says Google will now need permission from users before creating a profile for them. 474 more words


Apple says its latest security hole is no big deal; researcher calls BS

The security researcher who revealed during the HOPE/X conference earlier this month that there are back doors installed on 600 million iOS devices has responded to Apple’s claim that the back doors are used… 597 more words