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My new business. Combining traditional private investigation (will be licensed in the State of Texas in the near future) with the innovative research methods of investigative journalism, 40 Shadows Dark aims to be a leader in the fields of private investigation and independent research. 21 more words

Michael Mira

Hire a Private Investigator for Dealing with Misuse of Intellectual Property

Theft of intellectual property and loss of trade secrets may cost millions of dollars loss to a company. Taking steps to prevent these incidents from happening is thus important. 202 more words


Drone Surveillance

Recently in the news is the small town of Deer Trail, Colorado who took up the issue by authoring an ordinance allowing town citizens to shoot federal drones, but a district court stopped the vote until it can look into its legality. 679 more words

Child abuse/victimization

Even some of the most hardened criminals seem to have a heart where the well being of small, innocent children are concerned. Without the watchful eyes of loving parents children don’t stand a chance in this world. 257 more words

Ahh, The Excitement of Surveillance

You see that van down the street? That guy has been sitting there all day and when you asked him why he told you he’s a contractor for the phone company. 770 more words


Like most of you, I’m an old veteran when it comes to the internet. The first blog I read was in 1991, though I don’t believe they were referred to as blogs back then. 169 more words

What steps to be Followed While Hiring a Private Investigation Agency?

At some point of time in life the twist and turns may leave you in a puzzled situation. In such conditions seeking the assistance of a private investigator is the only means to find out the answers that you require. 303 more words