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Private property

It seems like people have forgotten some of the basic rules of what it means to be civilized. Remember in kindergarten the phrase “If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.”? 93 more words



Houston Chronicle: “The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that landowners may not be liable to trespassers who are injured or killed on private property, so long as the property owners do not act overly aggressive toward the intruders.” 110 more words


EPA Over Reach in Your Nevada County Back Yard

Do you have a creek, a pond, a seasonal stream or even a large damp spot that appears during a rain storm or snow melt? If you do the Environmental Protection Agency would like to manage it for you. 109 more words


Seattle Against Foreclosure and Evictions (SAFE) Blockades Home Of Disabled Veteran Facing Eviction 7/18/14

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Great shots by Seattle photographer Alex Garland of the attempted Barton home eviction.

Rep La Malfa Community Meeting

Some Issues that I would like to bring up:

  • Impact of AB-32 fuel price increases by 4% to 19% by 2020 on rural economies, starting 1 Jan 2015…
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$41,000 Worth Of Perfect Sense At The Airport ...

News about a 78 year old woman traveling with her daughter to the Philippines grabbed us this morning as we sat before our morning coffee in our land of the free. 402 more words


Wide and Flat and Open

The desert was beautifully wide and flat and open. The road sat on top like black toothpaste. Quickly squeezed out and rolled down. To be gotten through. 328 more words