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Bunkerville Was Not the BLM's First Rustler's Roundup

By William Norman Grigg via Pro Libertate Blog and LewRockwell.com

The raiders arrived at dawn. Contract cowboys backed by BLM rangers and other heavily armed law enforcement personnel fanned out across the desolate but alluring Nevada countryside to confiscate livestock owned by a family who – under a controversial claim of sovereignty — had allowed them to graze on public lands without paying fees to the federal government. 2,249 more words

Private Property Rights

Nevada Standoff a Symptom of Increasing Authoritarianism

By Ron Paul via the Ron Paul Institute and LewRockwell.com 

The nation’s attention has for the past few weeks been riveted by a standoff in Nevada between armed federal agents and the Bundys, a ranching family who believe the federal government is exceeding its authority by accessing “fees” against ranchers who graze cattle on government lands. 703 more words



Calling Reid a ‘warmonger,’ Nevada rancher reveals why he’s unafraid of feds

By Sarah Kupelian via WND

Cliven Bundy doesn’t normally do interviews on Sundays. But this Easter Sunday, the 67-year-old Nevada cattle rancher stepped out of his church, leaned up against the side wall and talked to America about what really matters to him deep down, revealing a side to him not normally seen in media interviews. 900 more words

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Western States Want Feds to Surrender “Federal” Land

Written by  Alex Newman via The New American

Elected officials from across the American West, from top lawmakers to county commissioners, held a historic gathering in Utah in recent days to discuss how Western states could wrest control of the almost 50 percent of land in the region currently claimed by the federal government. 1,638 more words

Private Property Rights

The Bundy Paradigm: Will You Be a Rebel, Revolutionary or a Slave?

By John W. Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”—John F. Kennedy

Those tempted to write off the standoff at the Bundy Ranch as little more than a show of force by militia-minded citizens would do well to reconsider their easy dismissal of this brewing rebellion. 2,009 more words