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Blessings and difficulties of running private schools

Private schools don’t have to follow the politician’s whim. They don’t have to constantly “reform” education. They don’t have to crowd their rooms and pass through dropouts. 43 more words


Who Should Teach our Children -- The Righteous

The Righteous (the contrast of the Wicked)

The meta-narrative of the book of Proverbs is righteousness. This importance, represented in literary representation,  goes far beyond the fact that it is the single most frequently used word among the possible words and phrases which represent the concept of righteousness.  678 more words

Who Should Teach

English teaching positions for public and private schools in Korea have their similarities and differences. Below are the essential distinctions between the two that I’ve observed in doing a fair amount of research on the subject.


Maken-Ki! Battling Venus

Type: I can’t believe this has a second season.

Synopsis: Part of it involves a guy with glasses going to a school where all the students have superpowers. 284 more words


ISBerne offers on-campus experience to Online students

Sarah Senanayake is an ISBerne Online student who opted to take advantage of the Study Abroad program in order to spend some time in a campus environment. 111 more words

Public Vs Private School Results, A Matter Of Mindset?

Yesterday The Conversation published an article by PhD Candidate Barbara Preseton at the University of Canberra about a phenomenon seen around the world over the last few decades; on average, public school students do better at university than private school students with the same entrance scores. 612 more words