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5SOS' Calum Hood's Man Hood: Leaked Snapchat Video #NSFW

Being a celebrity 101: No nudes. Ever. Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer learned this lesson the…. difficult way.

John Moug/98.5 KLUC

Now I’m not even a celebrity and I would never send snapchats with my manhood showing. 58 more words


JavaScript: Closures

'use strict';

// Closures
//  9. Closures: Functions can be declared inside of other Functions
//     the Function has access to its own Parameters and Scope
//     but it also has access to the Parameters and Scope of the
//     Functions it is nested within
function encapsulator (param){
    var variable_in_scope = "I am in the Encapsulator.";

    function inner_function(inner_param){
        console.log("Inner Function param: " + inner_param);
        console.log("Outer Function param: " + param)
        console.log("Outer Function scope Variable: " + variable_in_scope);

        console.log("Attempting to access Inner Function param from Outer Function: " + inner_param);
        console.log("ERROR: You cannot access the scope of an Inner Function: " + error.message);

    inner_function("You are entering the Inner Function");

encapsulator("You are calling the Outer Function");


A Private Paradise In Ibiza by Beauty and Hairstyle

This laid back residence has a extremely stress-free, go-with-the-flow variety of feel. Nonetheless, it took some strategic decorative moves in order to make it as colorful and stunning as it is. 32 more words

Sensational Exclusive Touch Provides Private Space

August 29th, 2014. Bathroom, Sensational Exclusive Touch Gives Private Space.
As for doing all daily grooming activities, bathroom will be considered as private place of the homeowner. 26 more words

Women Ideas

Change is Coming Soon, Now is My Time

I’m scared. There are things in this universe that have bigger plans for me. And I don’t know what that means for my future. Everyone’s future is unsure, and I know I am arrogant for writing on this topic, but the pull of the gravity is too strong to deny. 263 more words

The aftermath of the second (fertility) opinion

Last week, our third IUI sadly failed.

As mentioned previously, E felt like she might want to try more IUI cycles, whereas due to the low success rate, I felt that IVF was a better option, but I felt it wasn’t my place to tell her to ‘GO IVF’ (Pom poms shaking) as it was her not me undergoing these procedures and injections. 360 more words