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Building My Warmachine Army

I’ve run out of super glue, so for now, I thought it would be fun to chronicle a bit of my Warmachine construction. As I talked about before… 996 more words


Quick News Oct 11 - Oct 17

Essen is in full swing this week and we would highly recommend liking your favorite companies on Facebook and watch their updates, as they are releasing all kinds of awesome games. 328 more words


First Thoughts on Warmachine

I mentioned recently that I have taken up the tabletop war game Warmachine to demonstrate the game at an upcoming gaming con here in town. I made this as an educated decision with the help of a friend, and a bit of looking online at prices and such. 903 more words


Warmachine: Tactics Preview: Clunky Robots

I admit, I have quite the little collection of painted miniatures in my closet. And while mine are mostly lizardmen from the Warhammer universe, I was no less excited to see another miniatures game make the leap into virtual reality. 787 more words

Early Access Preview

Post Journeyman Blues - Finished Orrik and Ripjaw

Ok, so once again, its been a while between posts, but getting a job will do that to you right? Anyway, since my last post the journey man league at my club has ended, and well it was a lot of fun, and although I didn’t get much painting as I would have liked to I still walked away with the Destroyer award in addition to the three chevrons a player can earn throughout the event. 258 more words

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#WTC 2014 - Good Luck

With the World Team Championships just kicked off, we would like to wish all the teams good luck in the next two days.

If you would like to follow the results live, head to… 72 more words


Secret Weapon Miniatures

We are happy to announce that Secret Weapon Miniatures, have kindly donated two $13.99 voucher codes.  Now this might seem a strange amount, but Justin at… 52 more words