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Organizing the Global North for Food Sovereignty

Occupy the Farm (OTF), a collective of direct action organizers from the San Francisco Bay Area, raises its voice against unsustainable development and the corporate take-over of our public resources. 839 more words


The UC Extractive System

The University of California is an active engine of the death economy- An economy where our labor is exploited for the extraction of natural resources and community wealth, while polluting our homes and bodies, all to generate power and profit for a select few. 866 more words


The same poo-poo in new bags.

When Common Core State Standards (tests, texts and all) are given new CCSS “aligned” coverings by the state, does it matter?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott played the “save us from big government control” game even as the newly branded state education standards, texts, programs, tests, grading, etc, remain Common Core “aligned.” The name was changed from FCAT to FSA. 326 more words

You Are Not A Loan

Student debt is a growing economic and moral crisis. The average U.S. college student today graduates with over $25,000 in debt, and nationally, unpaid tuition debt exceeds one trillion dollars. 645 more words


Upcoming Fee Hikes at the UC?

When the UC Regents attempted to pass an 81% fee hike in Fall 2011, students and workers launched the Occupy Cal movement in protest. The fee hike ended up being cancelled soon after one of the biggest protests the University of California has ever seen. 575 more words


Familiar Whine

Originally published in NOW Magazine

For additional context to this article, please visit my post entitled Beverage Alcohol System Review (BASR) Highlights 7 more words


A Peek at Christy’s Privates

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It’s time to get back into my sordid work history in the private systems of both Japan and BC and give you a true picture of what teaching HELL does look like, and might well look like in BC in a few years, if we don’t keep up the pressure: 945 more words

BC Education Bargaining