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Police, Privatization and Public Data on the Use of Force: A Response to Ferguson

By Pacey Foster.

Recent events in Ferguson, MO, have generated a national discussion about the growing militarization of the police and their accountability to the public for potential abuses of power. 1,271 more words


Socialism Loves Your Dependence . . .

Private Health Care Could Benefit Canada


The Canadian system is an anomaly among industrialized countries’ health care policies. Canada is the only country to limit the role of private health insurance exclusively to the coverage of services not insured by the public system. 17 more words

Government Fury

Tell the Senate: Overturn Citizens United

Sign the petition:
“Corporations and the ultra-rich shouldn’t be allowed to buy our elected officials by spending unlimited amounts of money influencing elections. Pass Senate Joint Resolution 19, which would amend the Constitution and overturn… 544 more words

Sustainable Action Network

Ohio: When Is Public Money Not Public Money?

Bill Phillis of the Ohio Equity and Adequacy Coalition asks, where is the outrage?

He writes:

“Charter school operators argue that public tax money becomes private when it reaches the borders of charterland… 240 more words

Charter Schools

The Struggle for Affordable Family Housing at UC Berkeley

It is the policy of UC Berkeley to exploit student families. Rents at UC Village Family Housing have reached an all-time high putting units at or above market rates. 591 more words


Private Public Partnerships: A Failed Magic Bullet

Private Public Partnerships, or P3s, are one of the recent “silver bullets” proposed by those who want to “run government like a business”. But, as reported in the… 482 more words

A Third Argument FOR Charters

In a lengthy, well-researched, and thoughtful post yesterday, Diane Ravitch offers two broad arguments for-profit charter school advocates (aka “reformers) use to persuade the public that privatization is the answer to fixing our “failing public schools”: 405 more words