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Kristy Kreme, Susan West baffle with B.S. while Liz Murrill texts during Appropriations Committee OGB plans hearing

LouisianaVoice has not posted a story on last Thursday’s House Appropriations Committee hearings on the Office of Group Benefits because we did not want to do what the mainstream media under the pressure of a deadline must necessarily do: get the story out quickly and without going into a lot of detail—in short, an overview. 1,934 more words

Governor's Office

"I must do right by the children... I refuse to administer the PARCC."

“I must do right by the children…”

Do we realize that saving our children requires that we ALL “must do right by the children”?

I know Peggy Robertson, a mom and a Colorado teacher who helped found… 512 more words

Privatization Scams: Failure and Fraud

In the Public Interest” reports:

1) National: A report released last week by the Institute for College Access & Success says that former students of for- 146 more words

Charter Schools

Daily News Editorial: Disingenuous or Naive

Richard Kahlenberg and Halley Potter seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of the fact that the idea for charter schools came from Al Shanker… and they are using it as the basis to call for an end to what they call “The Charter School Wars”. 316 more words

Private NHS planned in 1987

An interesting article
Opening the oyster: the 2010–11 NHS reforms in England
Lucy Reynolds, Research fellow⇓ and Martin McKee, Professor of European public health

LINK TO FULL ARTICLE… 1,151 more words

Confidence Trick

There is no other way to describe the spate of last minute flyers coming our way. The one below tells us how simple this all is: “Either you want money or you don’t”. 245 more words

Flyer Of The Week