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The Catastrophic results of ending Medicare Meidcaid and Obama Care

The Republicans are all about eliminating Obama Care. Second and Third on their list of despised programs are Medicaid and Medicare. The demise of these three programs would be catastrophic. 338 more words


From fishing waters to the streets; a wave of protest have swept the streets on the occasion of the World Fisheries Day

November 21, 2014

Manila, Philippines – Fisherfolk organizations from various parts of the country staged a nationally coordinated protest in different forms to observe World Fisheries Day. 407 more words


Promiscuous Promotions Start Early!

Frank Bruni’s column in today’s NYTimes, “Promiscuous College Come-Ons” made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Bruni has consistently trumpeted the market based “reforms” of Bloomberg et al and after reading this column it is evident that he cannot see the ultimate consequences of subjecting all schools to the marketplace…. 299 more words

John Oliver Explains ALEC

John Oliver has some of the smartest political commentary on television. In this Youtube video, he explains ALEC, the corporate-funded organization that writes model legislation for states to benefit corporations and defund the public sector. 38 more words

Corporate Reformers

For Profit Charter's End Game

Peter Greene, who blogs at Curmudgucation, wrote an insightful blog post that Diane Ravitch excerpted on her blog yesterday. Titled “100% Charter Fail” Greene’s post made the point that the for profit charters do NOT want to take over all the schools, they are only after the easiest portion of the market. 677 more words

MI Court Rules State NOT Required to Educate Well

In a case that could have national implications, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the state has “…no legal obligation to provide a quality public education to students” in a school district that the state turned over to a charter school that has not improved its performance. 434 more words

Keep Your Eye on the .01%

Several articles of late have emphasized that “the 1%” aren’t the real problem with the effects of inequality in our country, it’s the .01%.

Progressive economist Robert Reich’s… 840 more words