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Peter Greene: A Primer on Race to the Top

Recognizing that Race to the Top may be defunded in the next budget, Peter Greene explains the program’s original purposes, priorities, and policies.

Greene calls it a “giant turkey” with its neck on the chopping block and warns that it is too soon to celebrate. 200 more words

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A Christmas Carol and President Obama

Why did Charles Dickens write A Christmas Carol in 1843?

Dickens visited Field Lane Ragged School in London.

“Field Lane and similar schools left Dickens completely appalled. 457 more words


If Jeb Bush Runs for President, Remember This

If Jeb Bush should run for President, this article bears re-reading.

Bush spoke at a rightwing policy conference in Michigan, where he “trashed” public schools. 327 more words

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Anthony Cody: Why Corporate Reform Fails

Anthony Cody <a href=”http://www.livingindialogue.com/pillars-reform-collapsing-reformers-contemplate-defeat that the so-called “reform movement” is collapsing. None of its strategies work.

1. TFA is having recruitment problems. Applications are down 25%. 340 more words

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Obscure amendment to federal spending bill could open the door to major retirement benefit cuts throughout economy

A report by the Pew Research Center earlier this week indicated the wealth gap between middle- and upper-income households in America continues to widen to record levels. 1,042 more words

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USPS Still Top Federal Agency: Gallup Poll

Despite concerted efforts among some economic and political elites to degrade, eviscerate and eventually privatize the U.S. Postal Service Americans both young old have a high opinion of the USPS. 343 more words

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David Brooks' Cheap Shot at Teachers

David Brooks can be infuriating… and this morning’s column was a case in point. In an essay that dealt with the need for police unions to be more flexible in dealing with disciplinary issues, he threw in this superfluous sentence: 237 more words