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*Another* Critique of Cycle Chic

Elly Blue at Taking the Lane has already written the feminist takedown of Mikael Colville-Anderson’s Cycle Chic movement that needed to be written—but there are even more Issues with CC than just its inherent sexism and objectification. 313 more words

Female Privilege

Sites talking of female privilege are terribly whiny. Is there any merit in the concept at all?

I looked at Men’s Resistance, and the occasionally valuable… 576 more words


I'm pro-capitalist because...

…I can’t stand people like this getting a free ride in life:

But this I’m totally cool with:

Power, corruption and bribes

Privileges, assumptions and oodles of influence. Roland wonders if there is ‘divine inspiration’ at work

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Power, Privilege, and Oppression: An Empath's Perspective On Understanding Suffering

Browsing through my news feed yesterday, I came across an interesting Buzzfeed quiz titled “How Privileged Are You? Check(list) Your Privilege.” While Buzzfeed is hardly known for professional research and validity, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give the quiz a shot. 909 more words

Check your privilege

1. Short privilege is not having people constantly ask if you play sports. (I’m 6’2″
2. Average body type privilege is not having people ask how much you bench ( I bench 325) 174 more words