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Safety and Vulnerability in a Dangerous and Fertile World: A Meditation on Incarnation

Feeling safe again is often the healing and elusive aspiration of a person like me.

I have been living with the deep and cellular residuum of sexual trauma for most of my life—over thirty of my going-on forty-six years. 1,063 more words


The Ambiguity and Superficiality of the Word 'Privilege'

I ran into an article in the NPR Cosmos & Culture section called My ‘Word for 2014′: Privilege, and the author, Barbara J. King, makes some very interesting and great points on the meaning of the word ‘privilege.’ Being privileged to most people means having two parents, shelter, clean water and food, and (quality) education. 411 more words

Abstract Thoughts

CK: let's play catch (up)!

Hello, I’m back, and apologies for abandoning A. the past few weeks. I’m planning a few extra posts for this week, so hopefully that helps make up for it. 268 more words


View From The Trailer Park: My Community

My park is in the middle of a small town nestled in the rolling hills of southwest Michigan, just outside of Kalamazoo.  If you’ve ever heard the country song, “Daddy Won’t Sell the Farm”, well, that is what my town was like when I moved in twenty-five years ago.  531 more words


Why I'm a Feminist

The thoughts that make up this post have been on my mind for roughly the past year. They grew out of questions, stories, lectures, and events I have encountered while in Seattle. 1,591 more words