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What did Malcolm Gladwell actually say about the 10,000 hour rule?

A new paper out in Intelligence, from a group of authors led by David Hambrick, is getting a lot of press coverage for having “debunked” the 10,000-hour rule discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s book  1,436 more words

no crying in prison

So, in my first entry, I wrote that “the privilege to cry and express emotion freely is one that our students do not possess.” 875 more words


Feminist Porn Conference 2014

The 2nd annual international Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto featured producers, performers, academics, and consumers from as far away as Australia and as near as U of T campus. 1,043 more words

Sex Education

On recognizing white privilege and not expecting a damn reward for it

I saw this clip recently when one of my friends posted it and asked if Tim Wise was making a good case for himself or demonstrating his unchecked privilege/acting in a micro-aggressive way. 723 more words

The Bloodsuckers, The Slavemasters and the Plebs

Who are the Bloodsuckers? The public school chinless wonders who despite no innate talents are fast tracked to the top jobs, where they show their lack of ability by repeatedly messing up, never learning from their mistakes. 161 more words


Not Your Average Chicken Salad

I was talking to a few friends about this problem I have when I sit down to write blog posts. I’ll have this thing that I think is really important and interesting to share, such as, “You really need to salt and drain eggplant before cooking it. 684 more words


But Actually, Emphasize Similarities Instead of Our Differences

As I was aimlessly scrolling down my Facebook feed this past weekend, I came across a status that made me pause.

This one Facebook friend… 647 more words