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To Have Or Have Not?

I was working out in McKeesport yesterday for Planned Parenthood/Wolf For Governor, and realized a few things as I was talking to residents:

1. McKeesport is not Pittsburgh. 861 more words

When It's Legal to Lie and Steal

David Freud, the Tory minister for welfare reform has been forced to apologise after he said that some disabled people were “not worth” the country’s minimum wage and some could be paid less than a third of the rate. 37 more words


But All of the Survivors Are Brave

Lemme start with the obvious: one of the more persistent–and corrosive–tropes in the American imaginary positions white men as neutral Human, the default, the ideal from which the rest of us depart in our own varied, marked ways. 1,076 more words

Alice Puts On Her Social Justice Warrior Thinking Cap

The Good Days

As I’ve started to come out of my shell from the long recovery of my last surgery I’ve got the question “how are you doing” a lot. 294 more words

For the concern and safety of others, please be mindful and check your privilege at the door.

I can honestly see how it might understandable for white people to get frustrated over feeling guilty for atrocities they personally had nothing to do with just because the people who did look like them. 250 more words

Christians and Gentrification

What is Gentrification? It is a shift in an urban community toward wealthier residents and/or business and increasing property values. Typically the result of investment in a community by real estate development business, local government, or community activists, and can often spur economic development attract business, and lower crime rates. 2,286 more words


Singing God Save the Queen and Deriding the Opposition as Religious Fanatics

@Effiedeans It's a faith based movement.Semi-religious/ Outside of politics. That's why it all seems a bit bonkers.

— GOB (@ConnyDavid) October 21, 2014

It seems obvious that GOB is short for…

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