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Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I read and enjoyed Adichie’s first novel, Half of a Yellow Sun, back before I had a blog, and since then her star has been rising, as Beyoncé quoted her on feminism in her album. 613 more words


When a training agency decides it is more important than its instructor members or, worse, the training agency helps the plaintiff sue its own members

This is rare and should not be viewed as common in the industry. At the same time, This is an outrage and this agency needs new directors, new officers and a new board…..NOW! 2,190 more words


What "Privileged" Looks Like

5:15 AM. Asad wakes up, dresses in the same jeans and polo shirt he wore yesterday, and goes out to wipe the Pajero clean of any sand that’s accumulated on its windows during the night. 1,215 more words


Fairness, Anxiety and Disability update

Following my realisation that a discussion of privilege was warranted to change Jeremy’s (my 8 year old son) perspective on fairness, I decided to create a questionnaire to expose how people are treated differently based on appearance. 1,567 more words


Women against feminism part three - think outside the box

The momentum that has ushered white, educated, wealthy woman in the western world out from behind the veil and into the wide where-and-when-ever-I-want-to-go world is not ubiquitous. 291 more words

What are my advantages in life?

When I was in middle school, I remember having conversations about which sex had it the hardest. Boys always talked about how their lives were so difficult, what with boners and all, and them having to make the first move, etc. 1,217 more words


vegans are not going to solve world hunger.

please stop confusing the really common argument tossed around that “we” could solve world hunger if everyone adopted a plant-based diet.
no doubt the animal industrial complex is staggeringly inefficient, self-destructive and wastes so many precious resources (land, water, food crops & energy). 373 more words