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A security weakness in Android mobile operating system versions below 5.0 that puts potentially every Android device at risk for privilege escalation attacks, has been patched 518 more words




If you follow the link above, you will find a brief blurb on Buzzfeed regarding a powderpuff football incident in which an entire team of girls donned black face paint to “intimidate” their opponents. 641 more words


A Piece on Cambridge's new stance on AS-levels being scrapped

Two weeks ago Cambridge University issued a letter to schools across the UK encouraging students to continue taking AS-levels despite government plans to scrap them. This move is based on the University’s commitment to UMS marks rather than GCSEs as the best indicators of students’ abilities. 305 more words


A Scientist's Shirt: How Feminism Has Turned On Itself

Last week, Matt Taylor, a British scientist associated with the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission (which landed a probe on a comet), wore a shirt… 1,541 more words


Check Your Privilege

Whilst growing up as a white, middle class, cisgendered, straight, able-bodied, healthy female, in a majority-white, middle class area where everybody aspired to look the same, nobody ever referred to my privilege, or challenged me to check it. 703 more words


Little Chat About Online Bullying/Harassment/& Such

Sorry but I’m going to skip over my back story for this post because I feel the need to post something more immediate.

So the other day, on Twitter, I joined in on a conversation about Thin Privilege. 410 more words


Everyone online is "someone"

Here’s a friendly reminder of something obvious we keep forgetting about the Internet: we are people. Even those we see ridiculed in memes, and also those telling others to die in multiple ways or the ones that recieve death and rape threats and, also, even those that deliver those messages. 1,129 more words