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22 June 2014 -- Call Out, Vacation Departure, Trip Meal Plan?

Happy late morning, lovelies!

As a quick note, yesterday I discovered my Breaking the Binge blog was so good that some sad little twat plagiarized it by posting it on her blog as her own. 467 more words


21 June 2014--Life Update and a Binge

Hello, wonderful people. I hope you are all having a great day, and your weight-loss is on track!

CW: 127 lbs

CGW: 119 lbs

I am SO ASHAMED to say I binged last night. 719 more words


18 June 2014 -- SOME GOOD NEWS! + Stats

Hello, lovelies! Today was absolutely amazing because I HIT MY FIRST GOAL WEIGHT! Holy wow. After weeks of teeny bit down, couple pounds up, then to FINALLY see results that actually fucking matter… this feels seriously good. 156 more words

Breaking the Binge: A Journey of Self-Discovery

I would like to thank the lovely Gabrielle for seeking out advice regarding binges and how to stop them. This is going to be my first real Pro-Ana Topic Post (oooh, ahhhh), and I hope it is informative and helpful to you all! 1,121 more words

Sacrifices in the Name of Thin <3

So I have done pretty well today keeping my intake down, though had A LOT to drink. Right now I am taking a smoke break from cleaning the FUCK out of my kitchen… Burning extra calories, taking away the option to eat, and leaving my leaving my living space looking as b-e-a-utiful as possible; it all sounds positive to me! 84 more words

14 June 2014 -- Friday the 13th

I did SO. WELL. yesterday! I didn’t eat ANYTHING SOLID until right before bed, and while I did have a mini binge, it was small and I woke up with a nearly-flat tummy for the first time in AGES. 183 more words

12 June 2014


Making use of this unusual income of energy to tidy up around the apartment–distracting myself from binging and burning some extra calories in the process! 155 more words