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You CAN Have It All -- If You Know What to Ask For

So you’re almost finish drafting your complaint. All that’s left is the “prayer”– the part where you tell the judge what you want her to do.   695 more words

Those Who Represent Themselves: The Lost and Turned Out. But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way.

Recently, I represented a client, in a collection matter, against unrepresented defendants.  They were unrepresented during the complaint phase, during the attempted bankruptcy discharge phase and again during the collection phase.   1,371 more words


Appearing Pro Se, Morrison County Court Administration

Although their function is not to provide legal advice, as a general rule I’ve found most Court Administration staff in other counties to be courteous and helpful with regard to answering all kinds of procedural and administrative type questions except in Morrison County. 161 more words

Little Falls

Questions we would like our Judges to answer

Dear Member of the Maine Judiciary Committee of the Legislature,

Re: Judging judges: hearings on judicial appointments or reappointment

At MeGAL we are writing you-in our role as grassroots advocates for Guardian ad litem and family court reform-about your committee’s work on judicial appointments and reappointment. 940 more words


Judge's "Cautionary Tale" About Online Legal Forms

Last week the Supreme Court of Florida issued an opinion interpreting a will prepared using an online form.  The opinion specifically addressed how property acquired after the will was signed was to be distributed in the absence of a residuary clause (a catch-all provision) in the will.   493 more words

Legal Consumer

Credibility determinations are left to the sound Judgment of the trier of Fact

One (out of many) of our favorite quotes from a Maine Supreme Court decision has the ring of final authority that is almost biblical.  To us, it  effectively seems to say, folks, on this sacred verity there is no possible rebuttal.  527 more words


How Appealing!! Taking Your Case to the Next Level

 Appealing a case is stressful and confusing.  Even for lawyers. If you’re representing yourself on appeal, be prepared to devote tons of time and energy to the process.   1,653 more words