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Pro-Tip: Cubelets Cube Cards

In my review of Cubelets, I mentioned that I created an information sheet and some Cube Cards for easy reference to what each cube does. 85 more words


Keeping it "trill"

Trill – I’ve just learned, is lingo for the combination of “true” and “real.”

I’ve also just had a simultaneous experience with getting old and feeling my first bout of “generation gap” 186 more words


Pro Tip: Cubelets Batteries.

The Cubelet kit we purchased via Amazon had an earlier version of the battery cube.  That battery cube is hard to open. The screw had an unusual head making it difficult to open. 117 more words


Pro-Tip: Pay by check

Pay your final invoice by check to save 2.5% off the tour balance!



Before I make my next post, I just wanted to thank you for reading my posts. Even if it’s only one or two of you out there, I’m still very grateful. 248 more words

The Cult of CaC and The Myth of Performance Acquisition

Raising money or starting your own business? Then you might want to continue reading!

David recently spoke at the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit (SVIS) about the cultish view of customer acquisition amongst startups and the myths of performance acquisition. 138 more words

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