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WWE Raw Results 12/22/14

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for December 22, 2014. This Christmas edition of Raw was headlined by a “Miracle on 34th Street Fight” between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt. 346 more words


Ex-pro wrestler CM Punk set for real fight game with UFC debut

NEW YORK, N.Y. – CM Punk’s body looks like the comics he loves to read, illustrated from chest to feet with so many tattoos he’s lost count. 1,007 more words


Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Their Dad And Sister Posed For A Charming Family Photo

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas play two of the most over-the-top, distinctive characters in WWE, so any picture that casts them in a more down-to-earth light is fascinating. 161 more words


Adrian Neville's Getting A New Gimmick On The Main Roster And Oh God, It's Terrible

Remember back in September when then-NXT Champion Adrian Neville hit the Red Arrow on Raw and the crowd went nuts for it? Remember the rest of the year, when Neville would routinely be a part of… 231 more words


Remember When the WCW vs. nWo Angle Spilled into NASCAR?

Cocoa Beach, Fla. — For better or worse, stock car racing and professional wrestling has always had a unique sort of synergy between each other. Both have a deep history and devoted following in the Southeastern United States and have often utilized that shared marketplace to grown and evolve over the past three decades. 503 more words


This Half-Assed John Cena Piñata Is The Greatest Thing You've Ever Seen

I can say without exaggeration that the best part of living in Austin, Texas — besides the food, the art, the culture, the endless cycle of festivals and everything else — is driving down Cesar Chavez and looking at the piñatas. 272 more words


Taking Her Easy, Jack Nick

I am feeling still very upset and emotionally drained from my cat getting sick. He is doing well after his surgery but when I heard the news I went into shock crying for a while and my sister calmed me down. 636 more words