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Jack Jester shoots on Drew Galloway in an insightful interview

Never one to shy away from the microphone, reigning ICW champion Jack Jester spoke deeply about his friendship with Drew Galloway and what it means to be facing him at The Barrowlands this Sunday. 128 more words


Vince McMahon Offers A Free Month Of WWE Network In The Face Of Low Subscription Numbers

WWE revealed their third-quarter financial results today, and while WWE Network numbers aren’t disastrous, they’re still a long way from where they should be. They currently sit at 731,000, up about 30,000 from the last quarter, which may sound like mildly positive news, but it’s actually a disappointment considering WWE launched the Network internationally this past quarter and were almost certainly hoping for more than a 4% increase in subscribers. 151 more words


WWE 2k15 phones it in for last gen

I’ve had a strange feeling about WWE 2k15 for the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 ever since it was announced that My Career would only be included in the Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE versions. 263 more words


Here's Why Mick Foley Turned Down The Chance To Be Zooey Deschanel's Santa Claus

We come bearing good news for people who like the occasional cheap pop thrown in with their comedy/Q&A/spoken word shows.  It looks like WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is bringing his Hardcore Legend 2014 tour to television at some point, according to the man himself.  317 more words


Kevin Steen Has His NXT Name, And Sadly It's Not 'Sal Generico'

KENTA became ‘Hideo Itami.’ Prince Devitt became ‘Finn Balor.’ All of WWE’s recent highbrow international and independent wrestling signees have gotten new, copyright-friendly NXT names, so of course former Ring of Honor Champion Kevin Steen isn’t going to wrestle as ‘Kevin Steen.’ So, what’s the new name? 105 more words


Aw snap! WWE 2K15 for the PS3!

Within the past several months I started getting back into watching pro wrestling, which is funny because I stopped watching WWE after the Attitude Era with superstars like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and even then I was more of a casual watcher than a hardcore fan. 544 more words