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Gambler's Fallacy

You are given a 100$ check to use in a casino of Las Vegas. You decide to travel there and take your chance.

You even bring your friend John.

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Studying 'Probability'

  • Purpose
    • Foundation of statistics
    • Every event in the universe can be described as its probability. It is important and useful to deeply understanding  what probability is.
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Reading the Comics, August 25, 2014: Summer Must Be Ending Edition

I’m sorry to admit that I can’t think of a unifying theme for the most recent round of comic strips which mention mathematical topics, other than that this is one of those rare instances of nobody mentioning infinite numbers of typing monkeys. 967 more words


Mathematical Statistics Lesson of the Day - Markov's Inequality

Markov’s inequality is an elegant and very useful inequality that relates the probability of an event concerning a non-negative random variable, , with the… 65 more words