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University Maths for A-Level Students: Applied Probability

I’m writing this particular series of posts with a specific aim in mind: I want to show A-Level maths students some of the interesting things that I have been able to study during my third year at the University of Oxford. 1,562 more words


Probably Probability

Probability is a subject that we often teach without even calling it by it’s name. An example of this is our Bear Pride reward drawing that we have Washburn Elementary school, where I work. 409 more words


Bayesian probability and statistics: resources

Prediction is very hard. We have no choice but to use the past events to make a prediction about the future events. If you can detect a trend or cycle then the job gets easier but sometimes there is neither a trend nor a cycle. 139 more words


Probably #1

Probability always gives me the twirlys in my mind. Taking the time to review properly, and demonstrated in my explanation to others…future post ~:-)

Binomial Distribution… 8 more words

Stats Support