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Robin Williams's Estate Plan: He got it right.

 Most of the time when you read about celebrities and their estate plans it is to point out something they may have done wrong, but today I am pleased to report that based on preliminary reports from TMZ, Robin Williams may have made the right moves in his estate planning by establishing  a revocable trust as the main vehicle to transfer his assets at death. 338 more words

Estate Planning

Step-up in Basis on Separate versus Community Land

Dear Mr. Premack: I read with interest your column regarding a widow’s step-up in basis. My husband recently passed away leaving me as his only heir. 714 more words


Settling Land Issues with a Lawyer

Land disputes are perhaps one of the more complicated judicial cases out there. This is why these cases needed to be approached carefully if one wants them to have a quick and rewarding process. 519 more words

Tribal Disenrollment and a proposed Statute of Limitations

As I sit down to write the final stages of my coverage of the American Indian Probate Reform Act, I remember the conversation I had recently with another expert in Indian heirship and probate matters. 421 more words

Making Life Easier for your Executor(s)

Ok, let’s talk about death for a minute. It happens to all of us, yet nobody wants to think about it. I, on the other hand, make a career out of thinking about it! 499 more words

Will Preparation

Probate in Grand Forks: Is It Always Required?

If you use a last will to express your final wishes, you name an executor or personal representative. This is the person who will handle the business of the estate after you pass away. 136 more words