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Making Life Easier for your Executor(s)

Ok, let’s talk about death for a minute. It happens to all of us, yet nobody wants to think about it. I, on the other hand, make a career out of thinking about it! 499 more words

Will Preparation

Probate in Grand Forks: Is It Always Required?

If you use a last will to express your final wishes, you name an executor or personal representative. This is the person who will handle the business of the estate after you pass away. 136 more words

Who Gets Your Property if You Die Without a Will?

In my last installment (Who Is Qualified to Serve as Administrator of an Estate?), I wrote about Boris and Natasha and the Big Fight occasioned by Boris dying without a will. 281 more words


Prepare For Your Future

While we all like to dream about the wonderful things that our futures might hold, few people like to spend much time thinking about what can go wrong. 410 more words


The Law, Family Farms and Farmers' Families

By Andrew J Thompson, Esq.

If your family has been in the farming business for many years, you know the “simple life” on the farm can produce many complexities in the families’ finances that don’t present themselves to the rest of the population.  932 more words

Security for costs ordered in de facto appeal

The deceased died intestate.  The respondent alleged he was her de facto spouse.  A finding was made by the trial judge that he was not.  He appealed that decision. 19 more words

Case Updates

Usually the first thing that the beneficiary of an estate or trust asks is when they can expect to get their inheritance check. Unfortunately sending out the inheritance checks is the very last item on the “to do” list of the personal representative or trustee.  444 more words

Estate Taxes