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FamilySearch.org has updated its New York, Queens County Probate Records, 1785-1950 collection, which contains browsable images.

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Guardianship Order Construed Concerning Lack Of Testamentary Capacity

The Dallas Court of Appeals recently construed the meaning of a guardianship order. The order was rendered in a previous proceeding but was relevant in the subsequent action being appealed. 669 more words


A Legal Will and A Contested Probate

An Example of the Dangers of Contested Probate

There are many reasons to record a properly drawn and executed will. Firstly, drawing and recording a will is easy, and inexpensive. 649 more words


A Few Common Questions About Small Estate Probate in California

Question 1: What is small estate probate? The probate process is the legal process that applies after a California resident has died leaving behind property. That property, called an estate, will have to go through probate before new owners can take possession of the deceased person’s property. 119 more words

The Importance of a Will in financial planning

A will is one of the most important documents in financial planning and in estate planning. The reason the will is such an important document is multiple. 256 more words

Financial Planning

Digital Assets and Passwords for Agents and Executors

Dear Mr. Premack: Although I am 92, I have kept up with and use a computer regularly. My son has helped me to establish online banking accounts, credit card information, email, Facebook, pictures and a lot more. 623 more words