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Fear and Forgetfulness

I just realized at 10:20am that I’d been meaning to have something up at 10:00am. Oops!

I’ve been, for the last little while, in a state of slightly frantic energy with no particular direction to vent it in. 463 more words

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It becomes necessary, after a certain point, to ask yourself: “What, exactly, am I getting from this?”

It isn’t necessary to have a good answer, but it’s necessary to ask. 554 more words

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I haven’t been writing.

At first it was just about writing this big piece I’ve been working on, and even then it was an issue. The experience of writing a 5000 word analytic piece is extraordinarily different from the experience of writing a 500-1000 word reflective piece. 476 more words

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The Process

Well. The piece I wanted to put up next still isn’t done. It’s up over 3200 words now, but still has a few hundred more to go. 524 more words

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Not Yet...

I’ve got 1900 words on this one and I’m about halfway done, so I guess this one’s going to have to wait for next week. On the plus side, it should be a doozy when it’s done… Hopefully these are ideas that someone besides me will actually find interesting! 29 more words

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EverEnding DevBlog 87: Bits and Pieces

Huh, just noticed that last week’s devblog number and title were the exact same as the week before’s. I guess that’s what I get for trying to copy previous posts for convenience’s sake. 452 more words

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