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I’m falling behind in a lot of work right now, don’t think I’ll be able to put together a post this week. I dunno, I feel like in general the amount of attention I’ve been able to put into this has been choked off, and the quality of my work suffering because of it. 34 more words

Problem Machine

Fear and Forgetfulness

I just realized at 10:20am that I’d been meaning to have something up at 10:00am. Oops!

I’ve been, for the last little while, in a state of slightly frantic energy with no particular direction to vent it in. 463 more words

Problem Machine


It becomes necessary, after a certain point, to ask yourself: “What, exactly, am I getting from this?”

It isn’t necessary to have a good answer, but it’s necessary to ask. 554 more words

Problem Machine


I haven’t been writing.

At first it was just about writing this big piece I’ve been working on, and even then it was an issue. The experience of writing a 5000 word analytic piece is extraordinarily different from the experience of writing a 500-1000 word reflective piece. 476 more words

Problem Machine