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The Plan of God

Why?  Why did God create Satan?  Why did God allow Satan to tempt us in the Garden of Eden?  Why did God allow us to grow up in a world filled with evil and pain? 

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Christian Apologetics

Does evil logically disprove the existence of God?— The Problem of Evil (Part 2)

In the last post I gave a brief introduction to the study of the problem of evil, covering the two basic forms of the problem and some preliminary definitions. 1,530 more words


What's the problem? — The Problem of Evil (Part 1)

The following series of posts under the title “The Problem of Evil” are an adaption of a paper I wrote in 2012. I made a number of changes in an effort to make the content clearer and more ‘blog-friendly.’ I want to thank my wife and my friend… 867 more words


Suffering II - extraordinary suffering, and 'good' suffering

“The thread of suffering runs so deeply through the fabric of our existence that were it pulled free the remnant would unravel beyond recognition.” Judy Hirst, Third Way Magazine… 1,724 more words


Giving Pain a Mic

About three weeks ago, I was in my yoga class when I got a speck of something terrible lodged in my eye. It was so excruciatingly painful, I could hardly do anything but give voice to the pain. 1,274 more words

The Rambling Road- Thoughts And Asides

What (and why) is suffering?

“What sort of world is this? It is a world shot through with matchless beauty yet witness at the same time to intolerable pain.” Judy Hirst, Third Way Magazine… 1,779 more words


Gutted, but Not Destroyed

“I tear down to rebuild. And through the process of pain, growth happens.

I hate it, but it is good.”

–Henry Cloud, How People Grow… 1,507 more words

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