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Simple Thought on Good Strategic Planning

Lots of data suggest that good strategic planning is different than good strategic planning implementation, and that 90 to 95% of initiatives fail to meet management expectations even though the initial thinking was solid. 289 more words


Think Small! A Beginner’s Guide to Using Technology to Promote Learning Part 3

Incremental steps toward integrating technology in teaching can pay big dividends by  Beverly R. King

Part 1 is here; Part 2 is here. 682 more words


Analysis Math 4: ``At-Best-Average" Functions and Convexity

Remark 1. In this post we will examine what I affectionately call “At-Best-Average” functions; proving the interesting (and non-trivial) result that all “At-Best-Average” and continuous functions are actually convex.  491 more words


confirmation bias and messaging

Several years ago Terry Goodkind introduced us to the wizards first rule: people will believe anything if they want to believe it or they are afraid it’s true. 582 more words


Social Work & Security In The Prison Context

Social Work & Security In The Prison Context

The role of the security officer and the social worker need to be revisited and redefined. Social Welfare in South Africa should be the custodian of the incarceration system. 684 more words

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Not What I Thought It Would Be

I feel very hot and I’m sweating. I was also crying today. I just need to adjust. There’s no point in worrying about things out of my control. 67 more words

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