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The 3 Traits Of A Real Entrepeneur

Everyone has their respective unique personalities and mindsets, but when it comes to that of an entrepreneur, there is something in common among all of them, whether young or old, inexperienced or veteran, etc. 467 more words


Seeking Outside Help

Imagine yourself sitting in a small meeting. Everyone appears to be engaged and responsive to the subject. Enough coffee has flowed that the group is awake and alert. 240 more words

Business Conceptualization

People Are Countine On Me

People believe in me.  They want me to stop cutting.  I can’t make that commitment though.  I’m not ready.  I just don’t want to let anyone down.  93 more words


Snap Out Of It!

Ronny: I love you.
Loretta:  Snap out of it!

Moonstruck (1987)

Ah, if only it were that easy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be awoken from our lifelong reveries with a couple of quick slaps to the face and a command to wake up? 552 more words

Daily Writing

DID & Me: The Mystery of Hidden Motives, Actions, and What Else?

DID & Me.

It’s a subject ‘I’  find myself pulling ‘my’ (or our) collective hair out about, wondering about something I’ve done or learned, or am doing.  948 more words

Child Abuse Survivor

Complex Problem-- Phase 1

Full name: Christa Akkary

Topic: On campus dining

 Explanation of the Problem: Over the years, college dining services have made huge leaps in meal selection, healthy options, and even catering to common dietary needs such as vegetarianism. 892 more words