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Listening is Not Learning, Telling Is Not Teaching

This one is a short one. The video (3 minutes) tell the entire lesson. In case you are curious, I share my lessons too.

For a long time I thought a book, seminar, or certification would teach me something. 273 more words


ProCodeCG - CodeMeetUp()

ProCodeCG is setting up a regular event named ProCodeCG – codeMeetUp(). This is to gather programmers/coders to share, to collaborate, to learn, to be a mentor, to solve problems in different programming languages for different purposes. 111 more words


Planning Challenge Based Learning

Nord Anglia Schools have a policy of providing ‘challenge based learning’ to students. In a way, that’s what this whole blog is about – active and challenging lessons. 131 more words

Active Learning

Dealing With Seemingly Intractable Situations.

By Ian Sampson

Loneliness in decision making at the top is generally recognised as a phenomenon of modern business life. But support is rarely accessed when those at the top of an organisation feel they have to deal with complex matters, just relying on their own resources. 473 more words


My iPhone Died; I Lived.

Last week, my coveted iPhone 5C fell out of my purse, complete in its trendy little phone pouch. It apparently landed near the front door of my car in the parking lot of my gym, and remained there for some time, in the rain, until a good Samaritan spotted said abandoned trendy pouch, and brought it to the front desk inside the gym. 759 more words


More focus on thinking and problem-solving skills

On October 9th, a Finnish news site wrote an article about an experiment, in which Finnish Math books were used to teach Math to Italian third graders. 565 more words

Primary Education

The Resiliant Registrar: Part Two

Yesterday, I posted a couple of questions from a younger Registrar, and followed that up with the first response from experienced Registrar (and now AVP) Glenn Keeler. 906 more words

Definition: Registrar