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Don't Let Good Ideas Die

Leaders who focus solely on “the next big thing” may pass by numerous employees’ suggestions and solutions.

Yet those small ideas often have the potential to deliver big savings in terms of time, money and productivity. 224 more words


It's Been Two Years

I appreciate my job. They have stuck with through the good and bad and I’m thankful. It does feel nice to have a reason to wake up in the morning. 62 more words

My Life

Gluten Free ≠ Fat Free

Perception is everything! Just because you see something one way based on your feelings at the course of events that transpired doesn’t mean that someone should feel the same, shouldn’t see it differently or have a complete different outlook or response to the displayed events. 949 more words


In the Morning?

I’m now supposed to take my anti-depressant in the morning instead of the evening.  Why make that change all of a sudden?  I’ve never taken it in the morning in over a month so I’m hoping it helps me at work.  46 more words

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What Should I Do?

I’m supposed to meet with someone after work today.  I’m with a new program until I get some symptoms under control.  Yes, I did manage to cut last night.  64 more words

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Incompleteness and problem solving

“Almost all real problems are incompletely and imperfectly specified.” – John Kay

Did you ever notice that to solve most real-world problems of any complexity, we have to find ways to simplify the situation?

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Help Desks

As my students gear up for this year’s Global Cardboard Challenge, they will also be researching a charity to which they will donate the proceeds from their cardboard arcade.   168 more words