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My Family Does Have My Back

I posted something about my old work today.  I mentioned how my manager stuck up for me about these little sissy bullies because I thought if I said something to them I’d get fired.  116 more words

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I Need to Clarify About This Problem

Lately I’ve been making a lot of spelling errors, leaving words out, and mixing words like are and our.  Yeah, I know it’s a problem and I’m working on that.  114 more words



Frontrow is amazing!

Right before break, I learned about this program and saw it in action. Since then, I’ve been visiting classrooms and helping teachers to set up their classes and get started with it.  300 more words

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Cutting Up Your Melon

A couple of years ago, we had some friends over for dinner and I was cutting up watermelon for a recipe. While doing so, I thought of a math problem and posted it on Facebook. 1,342 more words

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I'll Just Move On

“People crack me up. You’re argument against Black History month… look, it’s necessary. If American history gave credit to the artist, inventors, creators, and the like, that couldn’t own patents, trademarks, or receive credit for their contributions we wouldn’t need specific time set aside. 181 more words

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Was the Death Penalty Warranted In This Case?


Read that.  He has an IQ of 67, but he beat a woman with a hammer and then set her on fire.  I personally don’t believe in the death penalty, but there’s no excuse for what he did.  156 more words

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Baxter Academy Shadow Day

Yesterday was a “Shadow Day” at Baxter Academy. That means that most of our students were off on a job shadow of their choosing. I’m anxious to hear about the shadows that they were able to arrange during the snowiest week of the winter, so far. 385 more words