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Curiosity Never Killed Many Cats

Curiosity separates people from the herd. It is what drives creativity, motivation, discovery, excitement, learning and much more.

Curious people have energy and purpose that others often lack, and they tend to be courageous and not generally satisfied with things as they are, whether it is big things like education or the political system, or smaller things like taking a different route to work or how to make an appetising sandwich. 119 more words


Miscopied Quadratic Equation

Two students attempted to solve a quadratic equation . Although both students did the work correctly, one miscopied the middle term and obtained the solution set , while the other miscopied the constant term and obtained a solution set . 49 more words

Problem Solving

Who Does Your Life Belong To?

Who Does Your Life Belong To?

One of the hardest things to do as an adult is take responsibility.

One of the easiest things to do is overly depend on others, blame others, or see yourself as less than adequate. 429 more words


Defining Creative Placemaking

The other day The Maryland Historical Society hosted the Mayor’s Cultural Town Meeting. Appetizers were served, presentations were made, and questions were asked. The auditorium was standing room only, and all eyes and ears were focused forward. 1,138 more words

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The Resilient Registrar

Can you resonate with this Registrar’s feelings?

I am wondering if you find that, as Registrar, the majority of your job is trouble shooting and being the “bad guy”? 783 more words

TIPSHEET - 10 Big Ideas of School Leadership

1) Your School Must Be For All Kids 100 Percent of the Time
If you start making decisions based on avoiding conflict, the students lose. 372 more words


Robot Test Kitchen Worked for Me: A successful Finch Experience

A week ago, I held a large station-style robotics program called “Robot Invasion,” and I introduced several robots and electronics kits including Cubelets, Sphero, LittleBits, Snap Circuits, Snap Circuit Rover, and the Finch.  328 more words

Problem Solving