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8/100 happy days człowieka odczuwającego depresję

Chyba dość wolno te dni idą. Do setki jeszcze hoho, ale dobra, do rzeczy.

Dzisiaj: praca nad sobą. To rzecz wspaniała, często męcząca, ale jak uda się wbić w pewien rytm, to – mam nadzieję (bo jeszcze tak na 100% tego nie odczuwam) – bardzo owocna. 194 more words


I Hate Public Transport

Ever since I was little I’ve been living in a suburb-like part of town and I’ve always had to use buses whenever I had to go somewhere, if my mother wasn’t able to give me a ride. 805 more words


A Theorem on the order of an element of a group

Theorem. Let be a group and such that .

  1. If for some , then divides .

Proof of 1.

From the division algorithm, where . So, , then . 34 more words



She is switching, I can’t stop her,

Scratching deep inside my head.

She is twitching, Now I’ve lost her,

Has she died or gone to bed? 46 more words

Kichhi Dina heba Prakash re behaviour mote bhala laguni. Bele bele some rude word mote kahi dauchi jouda Ki mote bhari kharap laguchi. Aji ta se mo sangare bhalare Katha heuni. 232 more words


Solusi Masalah

Ketika masalah datang…

* Puasa adalah melepaskan belenggu dosa dari hidupmu.

* Puasa adalah hal berdoa dan soal menguasai diri.

* Respon dalam solusi masalah : Takut akan Tuhan disertai hikmat dan keputusan mengeraskan diri. 257 more words

Daily Preaching

The Complexity of Libyan Situation

Do you think you can understand what is the main problem in Libya now? Some reports say Western intervention is the reason behind what happened in Libya now. 144 more words