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Glass In Ear

In starting this post I must confess, I have a yucky habit of cleaning out my ears with a bobby pin. Sunday night I found a tiny piece of glass in my right ear. 295 more words


Iphone Battery Drainage - Resolved

I’ve had my iphone 5s for almost a year now and the battery seemed to be doing fien with 4g LTE until recently it started dying. 91 more words


Tarotbytes: Ace of Wands

What can you make that is totally new out of the resources at hand?

This is a time to think outside the box, and use old things (or ideas) in new ways. 14 more words


Daily Affirmation Monday 20 October

Coventry Hypnosis

I draw from my inner strength and light.

There are times when all of us come across obstacles that can leave us wandering how we can cope. 68 more words


The reason for Rosie

I wasn’t always Rosie.
I’ve had a few people ask me why I’ve changed my name, some people probably don’t even know that Rosie isn’t my real name, so, let me explain. 617 more words

Alter Ego

Not one challenge ... one problem ... one crisis ...

Simply put, there is not one challenge … one problem … one crisis that Connecting the Dots … with Respect Principle would not make more logical, practical, and compassionate. 143 more words


Blog Post: How Has Passivity Crept Into Your Teams?

It’s happened more than I’m willing to admit.

Standing before the team, I’m faced with an issue that I have to address. A company policy we have was not being followed by one of my team members, and I needed to call this person out and make sure it doesn’t continue. 1,203 more words