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WATCH: Obama Sings Ariana Grande's 'Problem'

LOL!!! The Obama singing videos are back!! The videos are different clips of the president speaking at different events, paired with beats to popular songs. This time he’s sing… 41 more words


Two@2: #seveproblems

Ariana Grande is everywhere these days and being hailed as the next big star by multiple media sources (here’s Vox’s 9 questions you’re too embarrassed to ask about her… 91 more words


Barrak Obama Singing !!! | !!!براك اوباما يغني

قام مجموعة اشخاص على اليوتوب بدمج مجموعة فيديوات للرئيس الامريكي براك حسين اوباما لجعله يغني اغنية Problem للمغنية Ariana Grande و هي من انجح الاغاني عالميا للوقت الحالي. 37 more words

How to Fix Your Broken MicroView

Yesterday just under two thousand MicroView boards shipped without a bootloader, two of them were mine. Along with pretty much everyone else I’ve been seriously impressed with the… 1,380 more words


Finding It Hard To Understand

Hi all,

so I am beggining to find it hard to understand why crowdfunding a PPl is so hard. There are many people out there who have the capacity to fulfil this dream but are financially unable to do so. 83 more words

Wicked Wake Up Call: One Sox, Two Sox, Red Sox, Blue Sox

Charlie gets a call from Salt to let him know there is a problem with his Red Sox season tickets, because he’s spreading his “fandom” too thin. 115 more words


A rock and an expensive hard place

After reading what PM Lee Hsien Loong had to say about skills trumping degrees, I feel I am stuck between a rock, and a very expensive hard place. 312 more words