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Australia: an honest comment on our drinking culture

Australia’s drinking culture is something, dear readers, that your author has very much imbibed within. It appears to be, from the outside, a sordid affair, one that has been wrapped within cultural and historical factors that have led to what we have today. 1,396 more words

International Law Norms Actors Process Problem Approach 3e Thoughts

Choosing and perfecting your primary character type will propel your acting career to new heights. Acting is a fierce business to get into and to flourish you have to do what other actors are unwilling to do. 269 more words



Its hard.

Its mind agonizing.

Its brain terrorizing.

Its driving me crazy

Trying to figure out which direction I should head

Trying to figure where I should start. 69 more words


Had been taken into Death Row, and stayed for 30 years.

It’s almost been a month since his release, and IT REALLY FRICKING PISSED ME OFF… 304 more words

Upgrade to Windows 8.1 failing due to Hyper-V

My upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 kept failing.

It would hang every time at around 93% during the final ‘just a little bit more’ phase. 69 more words


Knee problem

Just came home from the gym.
Ny knee has been hurting since the outside run, so today was a test run.

Running didn’t work, crosstrainer didn’t work, step ups didn’t work. 64 more words

Work Out

Umut Ne işe Yarar?

İnsanı, kendine benzer hayvanlardan ayıran en önemli özellik herhalde “problem çözme”. Tekerleği bulmaktan köprü yapmaya, uçakla yolculuktan gökdelenler dikmeye dek akla gelebilecek pek çok gelişmişlik ölçütünün temelinde problem çözme becerisi var. 258 more words