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Learning the art.

There’s nothing I love more, than learning about something I’m passionate about. But when there’s a topic involved where I see no direct relevance, I start to drift off. 54 more words

Do we really listen?

When I was a kid, I used to love narrating my day to my mother after coming back from school. Irrespective of my day being interesting or boring, she used to listen to me with all her attention and involvement. 354 more words


Divorce totally sucks...

…no matter what age you are. I’m 21 in 3 months and my parents are currently divorcing. I-don’t-know why it’s so hard at almost 21, I don’t live at home so I only saw my parents every other week or two. 659 more words

A Fresh Perspective

My mother used to remind me, “Some things just take time.” It takes time for the dough to rise, it takes time for a garden to grow, it takes time for cheese to age. 710 more words

Christian Living

Things are getting tense.

My brothers going through the same stage, or atleast down that path from what I can see. Mom asks him to do things, he doesnt, when she gets mad about him not doing the things she asks, he makes her feel like a terrible person. 164 more words

KY Family to Family Health Information Centers

KY Family to Family Health Information Centers

Contact Email: DebbieA.Gilbert@ky.gov

Website: http://www.kyf2f.com

310 Whittington Parkway, Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40222

Contact Phone: 502-429-4430 Ext. 2069… 26 more words