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Blog Post #51: SEE, I TOLD YOU


I knew from the start that I will fail Intermediate TOPIK. See, I told ya.

Just found out that the answer keys are out and after I checked the items and answers by myself (I swear I knew what I answered) and got a projected yet possible estimated result: 88 more words

Too many questions

It’s 2224 right now and I’m sitting here thinking with this really pain in the ass headache.

I’m honestly amazed how people can last in a relationship. 179 more words

Solving Problems

Today’s Encouraging Word(s) Of The Day:
Solving Problems

I shall face and solve today’s problems.
I will not worry needlessly about tomorrow’s problems, because when they appear, I will have the resources to solve them. 646 more words


Choose wobble-free topics

“You can clean every subject up by starting with a wobble-free topic and staying there until thoughts about… things that have been troubling you will begin to occur to you in your wobble-free zone, and take you to new places, new emotions… it is certain… But you’ve gotta catch it when it’s slower and easier. 30 more words

Abraham Hicks

Day 466 Honesty is the liar

This past week was my toughest as a single parent yet. My daughter had surgery and went from Miss independent to totally needy. I dealt with a roller coaster of emotions with her having the surgery, was I doing a good enough job taking care of her, what I still being a good daddy to my son and still doing all the things you have to do. 694 more words

3 Major Warning Signs of a Bad Article Writing Company

Not everyone has the ability to write, enough time to write, or the desire to write. If you’re one of the many bloggers or website owners who don’t necessarily have a good grasp on the English language or simply can’t take the time to write without giving up a bigger priority, hiring a content writer is the way to go. 293 more words

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