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Younger man, Older woman, I am his God

My boyfriend is so beautiful. When I look at him I experience physical pleasure. His face looks like it was drawn by a genius artist. The jaw line is masculine, the lips are plump and contoured,  big green eyes with thick long lashes. 314 more words

Be Thankful

Each day we wake ready for another
Often we think of all to be done
Stresses and challenges may come
But at times we focus on just one. 84 more words



What a boring, mind numbing day today is!

Hardly any work to be done. Check my phone again…nothing.

I don’t know why I check my phone, no-one texts me/ Facebook’s me. 264 more words



I was in a supermarket the other day and within an inch of dumping my basket of four items and walking out as I tried in vain to get past those just browsing, trolleys blocking the aisle, friends having a chat, or the occasional person actually doing some shopping. 1,866 more words

My Life

#122 What now

I left Zeenat’s house feeling deeply sorry for my friend. She was in a difficult situation, at a difficult time in her life. A time that is supposed to be riddled with immense joy, excitement, good anxiety and love. 416 more words

Chapter 5


Trust – reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence…. how could you fully trust someone all over again when they took it away ..is that even a thing if your never over what happened but how ??