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A House Where Two People Live

I feel that there are two main things that people are afraid of:

1 – Admitting they have a problem

2 – Admitting in public that they struggle with a defined form of mental illness. 661 more words

There’s a point in your life when you know who stays forever and who’s just around for a while. People change, but so do you. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

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First lady gets resume from girl with jobless dad


What will the white house do with that? There’s so many people out there without jobs. I know most people look at just the unemployment rate as a number. 191 more words


Smoothie Lament

I have been getting really into making smoothies in the last month or two. Once it started getting warmer. I put bananas and avocados and kale and lots of frozen berries and almond milk in them. 270 more words


Loyalty in a Relationship, who to seek out when there's a problem, etc

…did you know that loyalty is more important to me than love in a relationship?
(Don’t believe the nonsense you hear — I love Cepha, very much. 647 more words

Problems began when Americans found oil in Sudan - Foreign Minister (Video)

 Sudan is recovering from decades of civil war after achieving a tentative peace in 2005. Was the discovery of oil more of a curse than a blessing? 12 more words



Hold it! Stop, stop, stop. Okay…So…maybe this week has not been the best for you, maybe something happened and you’re havin a hard time getting through it. 296 more words