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Plain Dave and Max Wonders give us something to smoke to with "Problems"

“My lungs black as Rwanda. Shit I’m probably gone collapse from this ganja.”

Smoke away your problems today while listening to the newest joint from Chicago’s Plain Dave. 43 more words


I'd Rather Have My 99 Problems Than 1 of Yours

Tis the season for thankfulness, celebrating, happiness, oh and can’t forget family drama. Everyone has their little quirks and small pet peeves, but the holidays seem to bring about the worst in everyone. 284 more words

I Blame the Internet

I’m a self-absorbed hypochondriac addicted to self-help books and rap genius.

In the middle of rush-hour shopping, there’s a screaming twentysomething woman in front of me at ZARA, and she’s obviously pissed off. 624 more words


16 Problems Only Bar Staff Would Understand

It’s that time of year where most get to drink themselves into an oblivion on their Christmas staff do, paint the town red in their ridiculous Christmas jumpers and undoubtedly forget the awkward encounter with your office boss, (well most!), apart from us, the poor bar staff that don’t get to enjoy their festivities until..May. 1,127 more words


New information, at long last!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, between school and work and family life, I haven’t found the time to sit down and write out what been going on in my life as of late. 692 more words

The troubles of a book worm post turned pointless

The best time for me to read is late at night. I love crawling in bed with a good book and reading until the words start to burl. 265 more words

The Right Way to Procrastinate

A human looking up at a giraffe is me looking up to essentially everyone around me.  Everyone is overwhelmingly tall, and then there is me. 828 more words