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SLO Students' Parking Problems

It’s no secret, we all have trouble finding parking at times.

However, it’s not the same issue for every student here at Cal Poly. As a freshman or transfer student living in the dorms, or upper classmen living in Poly Canyon Village, the only options for parking are in the provided student lots. 527 more words

My first post - here we go!


I’ve recently experienced the power of dreaming, not day-dreaming, actual deep sleep dreaming. I don’t remember any specific dreams however I have decisive clarity about what I need to do when I wake up. 221 more words


Caveat lector.

How many times have I worked the closing shift of the music library and experienced severe hunger pains? Maybe it’s because I started work an hour earlier than I usually do, but I am literally talking to myself (yes, out loud), trying to convince myself how hunger is a sign of weakness and that I shall not succumb to it. 575 more words


Politicians Need Unsolved Problems

Politicians want the nation to have as many unsolved problems/issues as possible.

More problems means more job security.

If all problems/issues were solved/resolved, politicians and government would have nothing to justify their existence. 99 more words


Helping Hand in Hand

I will be posting both on this blog and on youtube. I will give the link soon! Hope this helps anyone because I sure needed (and need) help to survive both high school and life!


The Nightmares of Netwoking - Part 2

Ok, so we’ve survived the 3 Nightmares already. Read about them here: The Nightmares of Networking – Part 1. The two remaining might be quite surprising. 372 more words


Knowing God

“The seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams” (Mark 4:20… 538 more words