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3 Worst Things About Losing A Computer (For A Blogger)

So I’m well and truly back and I hope that you have enjoyed some of the offerings I have served up the last couple of days. 996 more words


Sad Rabbit

I was walking in the woods with the onces upon my times, when I came across the softest, cutest animal my cave eyes had ever seen. 425 more words

Short Story

One Thing to Add to the List of Reasons Why I Hate Myself

Sidenote: I haven’t really gotten into personalizing my blog but when I do, don’t expect anything fancy.  So anyways, before we begin there’s one thing you should know. 298 more words


The art of being an Anonymous, Irrelevant and Unknown

Call me Mrs. cellophane. It should’ve been my name. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed enough to be a fictional character in Chicago. But it sure feels like the fates did me wrong. 642 more words

Stuck... without a smile!

How often do you think, “I’m stuck”? Pretty often, eh? I’ve felt that several times, and at the time then, I’m stuck in that feeling. So this is a reminder to myself. 873 more words


I've Done It Wrong

So this week has been hectic and mostly terrible. I stained my Black Keys t-shirt while eating spaghetti O’s. I just got that like two weeks ago and I am really pissed that it has a stain on it now. 701 more words