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My Thoughts on Feminism

I simply don’t believe in it.

I understand wanting to be independent and not needing a man to keep you happy. But I don’t get why this gives us, women, the right to misuse and mistreat the men in our lives. 310 more words

Telling Someone You Like Them.

One thing which has always troubled me when it comes to romance, is how do you actually tell the person you like them? I’m sure we’ve all been in the same situation, where there is one person who you know you are crazy for, yet you are petrified about telling them in case they run in the complete opposite direction. 396 more words


Wrong Manuscript in Exile

I brought the wrong manuscript
when I fled to exile.
Now all the words
I wrote don’t fit.

But it works,
because the city is wrong, 26 more words

Invisible chains

That keep you locked in shame

Shackled to unnecessary guilt

Invisible chains

Keeping you grounded

Tightly wrapped around your wings

As hard as you try… 51 more words

Wisdom of the Day

It is easy to forget what good we have in our life when we just feel the negative surround us; at times, the problems in life seem much greater than what we are blessed with.   257 more words


Give it to Jesus

Don’t carry your problems from day to day. Jesus always promises that He will be with you. His burdens are light. Remember that if you are struggling today. 7 more words