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Final Methodology

The final procedure for my experiment is below. It is more comprehensive and precisely includes the quantity and size of apparatus necessary. I have also included a list of materials and apparatus. 704 more words


Methodology Draft #2


This new methodology mainly modifies the Setup Table for the experiments such that a chemiluminescent reaction will actually take place and as bright as possible so that hopefully varying the independent variable (over here temperature and concentration of sodium carbonate – leading to pH value) will lead to more diverse results. 722 more words


Methodology Draft #1


My original plan was to conduct a comprehensive study on how a number of variables affected the chemiluminescent reaction of luminol. Below is my first draft, where 2 of my planned experiments (testing temperature and pH values) are detailed. 702 more words


Welcome to Bollywood! Part 1

I would like to share informations with you from what I have read from books. This is one of them and it might be interesting to you all to know a little bit of information of Bollywood filmmaking procedure. 232 more words

3 out of 4 can't be bad

I am not there yet. But at 12:30 I leave for my third iron iv. Nope, not happy. My left hand still has a lump and still in pain from last weeks stick. 89 more words


Data Doctors Releases User Check Procedures for Blackshades

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 30, 2014
Recently, one of the most aggressive international cybercrime crackdowns was conducted by law enforcement officials in over a dozen countries that snared more than 90 people according to ABC News source reported on May 19th, 2014.

The Blackshades Remote…

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Turn a Foe into a Friend: How to Console an Upset Client

By: Kaitlyn Hudlow, M.S.

 Customer relations is one of the most important aspects of any business. Whether you are recruiting someone to be a part of your organization, or are trying to keep someone happy who is already involved, a lot goes into building and maintaining those relationships. 667 more words