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More to Learn Than Fear From Ebola

Ebola is scary. Though I try to allay my fears with practicality and common sense, I am – like many Americans – very concerned. The unknown is always scary. 650 more words

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Would you like extra cheese with that value stream improvement?

Last Friday, I went into a pizza shop to pick up diner. It was a busy night and everyone in the staff was buzzing around. As I waited for our pizza, I noticed that I was able to see the entire shop from where I was standing and I got curious about how their processes were set up. 737 more words

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Failing to Sustain: In & Out of Performance Innovation

I run a small brewery, out of pocket, where any proceeds (few, but significant) are immediately given to charity. Despite hopes of expansion, I’ve always been constrained by the facets of life that “matter” more day to day: paying the rent, therefore going to work, therefore doing a decent job, therefore focusing on how to do a decent job. 425 more words

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How to Become a Thought Leader

One of the biggest marketing buzzwords today is “thought leader,” and you might be asking yourself what this means or why it should matter to your company. 344 more words

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Combining Soft Skills and Hard Tools for Better Software

One of the more interesting topics in software development (at least from my perspective) is the culture of the industry.  Seldom does one find an industry burgeoning with linguistics majors, philosophers, artists, engineers (all types – classically trained to self-named), scientists, politicians, and sales people – all working on the same team in the same IT department. 221 more words


Spark Motivation With Innovation

I’m not a treadmill person, and I don’t understand why someone would want to walk and walk and walk and never get anywhere.  Perhaps it’s because a goal is more measurable on a treadmill; walk a certain distance and a particular speed and be guaranteed to burn a precise amount of calories.   563 more words

31 Days To Stay Motivated!

How to keep your machine running?

Qin Xing Chai works as an inventory controller for a Guangzhou based manufacturing company. One day, a machine that is very critical for assembling the final product stopped working. 1,220 more words

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