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How do we get Quality habituated in an organization?

Setting quality standards and consistently maintaining them is a big deal in today’s ever changing competitive world. Working with ‘back office operations’ as it called, in the fields of life sciences (for a quite a bit), then moving on to HR, and now working with the financial industry has given me an insight into the challenges and how teams should be driven to become more efficient and produce consistent quality. 239 more words


How Training Enriches the Soil for a Culture of Operational Excellence

In business, we make guarantees. We guarantee excellent quality, world-class service, and competitive prices. We need to make guarantees because are customers need to know that we will deliver, and they deserve that peace of mind. 549 more words


Variation in your process.

In the last post, I talked about what a process means. A process will have some suppliers, who provide inputs to the process, and customers, who uses output from it. 556 more words


Dear Microsoft... really?

Dear Microsoft,

I used to really enjoy excel, prior to the current release, NOW when I have multiple pages open, I am limited to the constraints of ONE monitor; which defeats the purpose of having multiple monitors. 82 more words

What Do Spandex and LSS Have In Common?

What do Spandex and LSS have in common? Read on to find out (but only if you have a sense of humor. If you are known for being a curmudgeon, do not read this post). 567 more words


Process Automation on Steroids?

I am usually not excited by demos from HR Vendors. Yes, I am not that easily impressed. But when someone talks about Process automation and that too on steroids, they have my full attention! 490 more words

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The Manufacturing Agility Index: Measuring the Efficiency of Change

How well does your organization handle change? Is it managed deliberately or do you use a shoot first, ask questions last approach to changes? What is the level of resistance that you face for easy process changes? 808 more words