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Pinellas County Schools Can Learn A Lot From Starbucks

I love coffee. I drink it all day long. From the time I get up in the morning almost until I go to bed at night, I’ve got my coffee. 447 more words

PMP, Project Management and Lean Six Sigma

Successfully managing a project, or several projects for that matter is as much a skill as it is the product of thousands of hours of not only studying but putting into practice the skills and concepts learned through years of practice and reading. 164 more words

3 Proven Management Techniques That Work in Any Business: Identify the ‘Influencers’ on Your Front Lines, CEO Advises

This is a guest post by Peder Johnsen.

In business, the only thing that matters is what works, says Peder Johnsen, a third-generation specialist in senior living communities.  579 more words


How frequent releases help you satisfy and retain your best employees

Think back to the last time you released to your customers. There was probably a brief feeling of satisfaction, hopefully a validation from the customer that you delivered what they wanted, and your team learned a thing or two about how effective they are at deploying and testing the changes that were delivered with the release.  1,096 more words

Process Improvement

Product Control

The Product Control cycle is a reactive response to a failed process. It is focused on remediation. #Lean #SixSigma #ProcessImprovement

My Heart Book. Day 35, Blog 35

I often refer to Lead Your Team to Win – Achieve Optimal Performance by Providing a Safe Space for Employees – as my heart book.  Everyone asks “What is a Heart Book?” and I usually change the subject since I can’t always put into words what I mean. 353 more words


Process vs. Product Control

Product control focuses on reaction, it is after the fact. Process control focuses on prevention, it is proactive. #Lean #SixSigma