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How to Become a Strong Data Analyst - 5 Core Skills

When I was first deciding what classes to take in college, I had never envisioned myself to be a data guy.  I really liked engineering and process improvement, but the thought of being labelled as an “analyst” seemed like a very uncool career choice.   874 more words

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The detrimental effects of moisture and how to avoid it

When someone mentions issues with moisture, the first thing that comes to my mind is mold. If your basement has ever flooded, you can relate. This article is not about that. 340 more words

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Optimization of Regression test cases

Let’s see the need to have an optimized regression suite.

An effective suite of well-designed regression test cases that will not only help provide a baseline assessment of the current version, but a significant portion of the test suite will/should be reused during maintenance or sustained engineering of that product, and some subset of those tests in that suite will also be reused on the next release or version of the product. 337 more words

Patient Contact Centers: Much More Than Glorified Switchboards

Businesses that restrict customer or client access to services should not expect to be in business for long.  Yet in healthcare, provider organizations have a long history of building barriers to patients obtaining care.  562 more words

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The Eisenhower Decision Matrix: How to Distinguish Between Urgent and Important Tasks and Make Real Progress in Your Life

If I’m truthful I’ll tell you that I’m not a big fan of the Stephen Covey ’7 Habits’ program. Maybe it was the trainer I had 20 years ago, maybe it was the group I was with but the four days I took to attend that seminar were four days I don’t remember fondly. 489 more words


"You Got Data Analysis All Over My AIW" - When to Enhance Lean Workshops with Business Intelligence

In my career I have participated in about a half does AIW’s (Accelerated Improvement Workshops).  For those of you unfamiliar to them, they are a forum used in… 630 more words

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Tell the Story With Business Value Dashboards

We are VERY pleased and excited to have Jeffrey Brooks, a Research Vice President with Gartner, Inc. as our presenter on our next webinar.

Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 11am (Eastern) 146 more words

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