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Fueling the truck

BOOM! Back-to-back blog entries! Whoa! We’re sitting and waiting at a receiver so I had some spare time. This is a ‘learny’ topic that’s been on my list of things to write about for a while, so here it is! 2,200 more words

Dipping Toes, Diving In

I’m an archivist, at heart.

I keep email threads, text messages.  I take a lot of screen shots.  I like being able to look back (and forward, then back again, then forward) to track where I once was, where I thought I’d be, where I finally ended up, and how I got there.   954 more words


Permitting the Process

So my life. I refrain from saying it is in upheaval because it is not, but it does seem as though major renovations and overhauls are taking place. 550 more words


Not one challenge ... one problem ... one crisis ...

Simply put, there is not one challenge … one problem … one crisis that Connecting the Dots … with Respect Principle would not make more logical, practical, and compassionate. 143 more words


Don't Force It

During the week, I get up extra early so I can write. I’m a morning person, so getting up at 4:30 AM is not a big deal to me. 535 more words


The Process Part 2

Many people opt out of the process because it gets too intense and sometimes can feel unbearable. It can feel like there is no end, but the process was never meant to be comfortable; instead uncomfortable so the real you can rise to the surface and growth can begin. 355 more words


Prompt: Prepping Edition

A couple of years ago I wrote a story about a young couple, Jonah and Lily, whose first year of marriage centers on his prepper instincts. 350 more words

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