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Behavior Change

To walk in love
Is a process
Being aware of our progress

Recognizing the need
To delve deep
Softening our heart

Allowing the Holy Spirit… 61 more words

stuck in the process

It sucks.

Why am I moping around missing you when I should have been recalling about how amazing my day had been is also a mystery. 169 more words


Beyond the Writing of Operating Procedures 2 -- Operating Procedure "Life Cycle"

If Writing Operating Procedures describes the birth of a procedure (which it does), and the operating procedure’s existence is integral to the optimal performance of the task it describes (which it does), then it follows that the procedure receive the proper care and feeding to be a healthy, vibrant part of the organization’s Quality effort. 423 more words

Continuous Improvement

Week 1: Welcome

Artists, Industry Figures or Businesses/Projects:

  1. Fall out boy – Are a pop/punk band that aims to please with their unique music and notable lyrics, which both prove to be relatable to their listeners.
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My Practice

Week 1: Welcome

La Dispute

A post-hardcore/spoken word band who strive to make music that is technical, emotionally engaging, and artistically challenging/interesting. They create music that draws influence from blues, jazz, hardcore punk, spoken word and poetry which always makes for diverse and interesting pieces of music. 328 more words

My Practice