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When I remember

    I’m going to try and write as often as I can and when the memories come flooding back. It was a full four-year process of struggles so it might take me a while to get it all out on paper and off my mind. 136 more words


Useful Linux Commands

Useful Linux commands

  1. Find running process

ps -ef | grep <name>

Ex. ps -ef | grep tomcat


Which One? Studio Process Photography · Hand Felted Wool Blanket

While working yesterday in the studio on a blanket I began in March I found I needed to get an arial view of my color options for a binding I need to sew onto the short ends of the blanket.   587 more words


To Doodle or Not To Doodle

The word “doodle” is thrown around frequently when people are first introduced to Zentangle. To those who don’t yet understand the Zentangle method or have never learned it from a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I can see how the two may look similar as far as the outcome. 214 more words


Iron Dome innovation lessons

The old ditty ‘when Mother Nature gives you lemons you make lemonade’ tells us a lot about about being creative, particularly when innovation is critical to your corporate strategy — and survival. 789 more words


Theater Around The Bay: A Community Conversation

Barbara Jwanouskos steps outside of her usual role at the Pub to talk about the recent developments at Intersection for the Arts.

Last Tuesday, July 15th, I attended the Community Conversation about the future of… 960 more words

Theater Around The Bay

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This is an update I wrote for SF Theater Pub regarding the recent announcement that Intersection for the Arts would be paring back its programming. I attended the Community Conversation on Tuesday, July 15th to get a sense of how the organization got to that point and what was next. This post discusses the biggest issue brought up during the breakaway sessions. I attended the group on "Performing Arts" where they main topic of conversation was employing a dedicated space vs. nomadic programming.

Identity: An Inherent Theme of Portraiture

This post is about my experience with conveying an identity in a portrait. I read up on the subject in a book called Identity Theory by Peter Burke and Jan Stets. 805 more words