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Pruning, Process, & Promise (Part One)

This is Part One of a three-part series that I pray blesses your life in unimaginable ways.

God has been speaking into my spirit a great deal about pruning and promise, and in the middle of all that is one heck of a process, but a process worth experiencing. 874 more words


"Humidity & Temperature Sensors Help Cheese Taste Just Right" GUEST BLOG POST by THORNE & DERRICK

Thorne and Derrick have written a great blog post on the importance of quality measurement and control in cheese manufacturing (a key industry for Rotronic sensors due to their reliance to the high humidity conditions in cheese maturing!)  46 more words


Step by step...stamps and micro movements

Sark calls them micro movements. Those things you do when you don’t have the time or energy to do the larger things on your creative list but want to keep moving and creating.   180 more words


“The intersection of Strategy, people, place and process – An approach to improve operational effectiveness in healthcare sector”

This approach is based on the challenges being faced by hospitals, clinics and charitable institutions and hospitals that serve the population in different areas.


This part of project will basically highlight the challenges being faced by budding and well established hospitals or clinics in India. 698 more words


Global and China Advance Process Control Software Industry 2014 Market Research Report - QY Research

Research Report on Global and China Advance Process Control Software Industry 2014 Market Research Report. The Report includes market price, demand, trends, size, Share, Growth, Forecast, Analysis & Overview. 71 more words

Market Research Report

In Beta.

There’s a point that you reach in the process of writing a piece of fiction where you don’t know what to do anymore.  You don’t know what to add or to take away, or even if what you’re looking at specifically makes sense in the broader context of the piece.   642 more words


We bloggers are endlessly in search of answers. All kinds of answers. I am, in particular, forever seeking an answer to the ultimate blogger query: What makes people follow me … and why are some posts popular while others (often, in my opinion, better) … not? 635 more words