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Q1. What is Swapping?

Ans. The program that is ready for execution must be brought into main memory for execution, and then the passive program become active for execution and it is termed as… 215 more words

The option when producing a prototype in metal – how to decide on process and ...

The option when producing a prototype in metal – how to decide on process and …
That said, it may be possible to use a different casting process (plaster, sand or investment for instance) for your prototype. 82 more words

Invention and Ziggy Stardust

Sooner or later, all writers struggle with invention. Finding something to say about any given topic involves a lengthy process of thinking, reading, contemplating evidence, and considering your means of persuasion. 398 more words


To Think of Susanne

I have a hard time thinking of Susanne and in most cases I find that I avoid it.  It hurts when I think of her!  You see Susanne was my best friend, which I would race home every night to be with her.  585 more words

Day To Day

First week of making

Sweat shop” is one of the first things that comes to mind. We have been melting in our white boiler suits, while trying to work with slippery thread on fragile paper over the past 3 days. 140 more words


A Defined Goal (Post 9 of 9)

I admit I’ve been lazy for most of the time I originally aimed to work on this book. I need to get things in gear for real. 316 more words

Hey World


Hey, it’s really been a while so here’s an update on what I’ve been doing lately. Mostly I’ve just been working and taking photos, which has definitively become my standard outlet for creation in the last year or so. 652 more words