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“I’ve found in composing that being simple and profound — having in-depthness in your music — is the most difficult thing to do. Anybody can write a whole lot of notes, which may or may not say something… But why make it complicated for the musicians to play?

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Variation in your process.

In the last post, I talked about what a process means. A process will have some suppliers, who provide inputs to the process, and customers, who uses output from it. 556 more words


Exposed: Frames 01054-01158

In this six second shot, 83% consists of a slow pan over a motionless body facedown in the front lawn clad in a pair of unblemished Nike tennis shoes. 154 more words


Is Learning an Outcome or a Process?

That is the daunting question posed by my professor in my Theories of Learning class. After posting my answer I was reading through other entries and this caught my attention: 821 more words


Back to Khazad-dûm

Since I’ve decided to write next month’s project long-hand, I am diving in to some hardcore editing this week.

I chose Khazad-dûm as my metaphor for editing because it’s really quite fitting. 271 more words


Weekly Question

After reading the article, I want to know if there are other ways to get this effect without the total absence of technology. Is the reason for the creativity boost because of escaping technology (thus returning us to a base level)? 30 more words


Spanish preparation and courses

Since the start, my plan for Veritas was to complete all the core Spanish classes they had and return to The States with fluency. When I took my Spanish placement test via Skype before coming I was placed into Intermediate 1. 278 more words

Costa Rica