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Top Tip No.3 for a healthy gut

Cut down on fat and processed meat

The problem with high fat, processed foods is that they cause havoc with our digestion and are very harmful towards our health in terms of cardiovascular disease and cancers.   634 more words


'G' is for Graduate

Here’s a vlog entry expressively acting out the story of going from a student to a graduate. It’s not necessarily applicable to every graduate as we approached the subject from a few different angles! 74 more words

Reality check: Are cheeseburgers really as deadly as smoking?

TORONTO — Steak, cheeseburgers and milkshakes may be fighting for Public Enemy No. 1 status this week after a new study warned that meat and dairy are as deadly to our health as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. 599 more words


Eating Red And Processed Meat Linked To Gut Cancer

Recent perspective paper in Meat Science cautions about uncertainties in scientific evidence

Recent reports warn about a link between eating red and processed meat and the risk of developing cancer in the gut. 23 more words


What's in That Deli Meat, and is it Good For You?

Research  has shown a links between processed meat consumption and premature death.  This particular researcher found a link between processed meat consumption and increased chance of early death, especially from… 198 more words