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Manic Robot Screensaver

This is an animated generative screensaver i created in Processing for a college project. This little guy looks completely insane this is only the basic version . 23 more words

The Sorting Hat of Guinea Pigs

I really love my guinea pig farming experiment. Today, it is the once monthly sort,  in which young males get moved to the male cage (they have fertility after 3 weeks!), the females over 1.3 lbs get moved to the breeding pen, and the males over 1.3 lbs get processed. 95 more words



A small architectural design proposal for a one-person enclosure to test and develop computational design principles. For this project, I was interested in exploring a design concept in which appearance and performance are opposed. 79 more words




The rectangle command creates a simple rectangle or square based on this command:

rect(x-coordinate, y-coordinate, width, height);

The robots are mostly made up of rectangles as shown 6 more words


Coding workshop - HTML and Bootstrap

Today’s workshop acted as a brief introduction to the web protocol HTML (HyperText Markup Language), as well as some of its main features and uses. We used today’s session to create our own webpages, which we can use to upload and present our sketches from… 107 more words




It’s a audio visualization work.

My work’s name is “A Dancing Boy”. When I speak, he can dance. I think sound is far more beautiful than waves. 13 more words