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Water Processing

A few nice machining processes images I found:

Water Processing

Image by visual.dichotomy
Inside one of Toronto’s many water-processing plants. Alas, I have no idea what these do. 16 more words

Vole Study Processing

My final project for my Processing class!
The class has been incredibly fun. I keep saying that it is everything I ever wanted from computer science. 227 more words


Spout support almost there

Having a child certainly makes coding harder.  That being said I did some initial tests tonight integrating spout with SyKick.  It is almost there. Spout is really not that different from Syphon.   51 more words




TAKE ENOUGH PHOTOGRAPHS AND YOU WILL DEVELOP YOUR OWN SENSE OF “SIMPLICITY”. That is, you will arrive at your own judgement about how basic or complex a composition you need in a given situation. 410 more words


Therapeutic Complaining...

It’s always been hard for me to have any sort of negative feelings.  I mean, they are there, but it’s been hard to own them. I have always lived in the Midwest, the land of making sure nobody rocks the boat or ever questions anything.   612 more words


Annihilation [rebirth of death] 0 - 2.30

Even those who think that death is a continuation, and not an ending, can benefit from contemplating the implications of annihilation (Luper 2009: 3)

The significance of death is the destruction of something that exists, the replacement of life, in the interior of the self, of an animated object by a static memory of that object, a framed event of finitude represented in the mind of the bereaved. 759 more words