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Procrastinating and Missing Him

It is 10pm, and I am supposed to be writing an essay! But instead I’m going to write a blog post… because I’m crazy. And boy do I feel crazy right now! 220 more words



I’ve thought about getting a tattoo, on and off, in the past four years. The pain and permanence have always stopped me, and probably always will. 41 more words

Penny For Your Thoughts

Grinding for XP

So, I started right onto scarves (after my first disaster). I never tried dishcloths – until Saturday. Now I am absolutely addicted, even promising them to coworkers and my neighbours and probably the people who I am already sending packages to in the near future. 221 more words


Well done my dear.

Of course.

One of the many things of this years bucket list was entering my video in a short movie festival/competition. I´ve known about it for over a month now. 144 more words

I should be writing.

It’s almost one in the morning and I’m meant to be writing an essay. As evidenced by every other essay I’ve ever written in my life, this only makes me want to write basically anything else. 675 more words

Life Stuff

Average At Best, But Surviving

So much to write about. I have started and stopped this post about a bazillion times already this evening and I don’t know what the best way to go about actually writing it is so why not just write and see how it turns out aye? 523 more words


Of Overthinking and Exploding Heads.

- Namrata Yadav, 4th Year, EE

Have you ever started with a thought in your head which you thought and thought about till that thought acquired gigantic proportions and you could swear that another moment with that thought and you would explode? 421 more words