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I’ve been in a fuzzy and blurry state most of this week, which leads to all sorts of methods of distraction and procrastination, but certainly not to reading and writing and anything really useful. 73 more words


Grading vortex

No matter how well I plan and no matter how hard I work, there comes a point in every semester when I am overwhelmed with grading. 586 more words


Making things happen or almost

Hello! It’s been a while since I re-started the blog, huh? I’ve been uninspired and full of stress from work. But this is what everyone says when it happens for about a thousand times. 301 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Day 65

Day 65

Some serious changes have occurred since the last time. Grapefruit Willie is beginning to look now like an orange Mr. Potato Head, or a sweet-potato head to be precise. 489 more words


I feel like I’m really bad with this blogging thing because I get really into it for some time and then I just fall out of it and it takes me forever to get back. 100 more words

Reflections on Writing

My cousin shared this article about writers and procrastination, which of course I felt drawn to simply by the title.  

“Wait!”  I thought, “I’m a writer!   1,084 more words


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There are thoughts here that every author needs to hear. The bit about highly polished "greats" gave me a particularly hard paradigm shift, but a good one. I had simply never considered it before, but it left me feeling more "allowed" to right shitty first drafts.

#26. It’s (Almost) Showtime….

Can you spell  P R O C R A S T I N A T E ?

Procrastination. It’s one of those constant challenges that lurk under my bed, along with the ever-present… 291 more words

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