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The Ultimate Time-Waster

It is difficult to pull yourself away from this. 

That’s all I want to say for today. 


Blueberry, Chocolate and Peacan Pancakes

So, ever since Pancake Tuesday I’ve been dying to make some sweet pancakes. Exams are little less than a week away – so I guess a little pancake shaped procrastination is in order. 252 more words


We Always Think We Know What We Want Someday

I’ve looked around the house in a kind of spring renewal way. For so long I wanted to paint the walls and put down some throw carpets. 410 more words


My Rollercoaster life...

I look back at my ramblings and I realize wow, you are all over the place. Your emotions are up and down. You keep saying you’re going to post on here more often yet there are weeks and weeks that go by before you even log back in, and most of the time you have to reset the password because it’s been so long since you’ve signed in! 404 more words

My Ramblings

Procrastinating from study

things I did today instead of studying…

  • cleaned my room
  • curled my  hair
  • shaved my legs
  • washed the dishes
  • watched tv
  • made my bed
  • did my washing…
  • 30 more words

A Repost from My Old Blog: Procrastinating (A guilty Pleasure of mine)

Disclaimer: This is a repost from my old blog (it does not exist anymore) that i did on 12th April 2012 (that’s like approximately 2 years ago *giggles*). 333 more words

1st Year - Six weeks left. You feeling the pressure?

Six good weeks until I finish my 1st year at university.
I am definitely feeling the pressure, as I have exams and presentations to complete. 205 more words