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5 Fool-Proof Ways to End Procrastination Today

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow,” quipped Mark Twain. Waiting until later is one of life’s guilty secrets, but chronic procrastination is linked to poorer health, work and relationship outcomes. 889 more words

Living with a toddler

Hello, I am The City Hippie and I run away from my problems.
If I were a patronus or a spirit animal I would probably be a groundhog; scared of their shadow and runs away from everything. 94 more words


In (Un-)Translation

This is what my brain does. Now do you understand my crazy?

You always live once

Ignore you now

F– your death

Crabcake Factory

I’m not at all about that apex… 52 more words

The Mundane

Creativity Where Are You?

I have thirty minutes to write something, and guess what? Nothing. Why does this happen? Writing should be easy. Creativity and ideas should spill out of you like molten lava from an active volcano, right? 423 more words


Playing with the big kids

It’s been about a month since my last (and first) two posts on this blog.  I’ve pretty much been procrastinating since then until finally deciding to break the habit and WRITE. 918 more words

why procrastination?

having written so many blog posts about procrastination, it shows just how much i procrastinated. the amount of hours spent in trying to make the layouts of a blog post look pretty but professional can actually be spent in trying to finish up an essay that i have been pushing back for the whole weekend. 691 more words


When Not Writing Becomes An Art Form...

I’m a list-maker. I have lists everywhere. Scribbled on scraps of papers and post-its.  Written and neatly numbered in notebooks. Multiples notebooks. Typed in the notes section of my iPhone. 492 more words