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Getting out and about

I’m a big believer that one of the worst things you can do is spend a lot of time in the house sitting around doing very little. 165 more words


21 Websites You Cannot Live Without

I consider procrastinating to be one of my skills, and it can be yours too! Anyone with access to the internet can have hours of entertainment from these 21 absolutely pointless websites. 789 more words


Oh procrastination, why dressed in such perfection?

You ensnare me to slumber, to ignore what I want to remember.

I had to fight against you…

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College Life: Real World In Focus

Lazy Sunday. Procrastinating.

Day’s almost over and I still haven’t done the following:

( ) 2 Visual Diaries due Tuesday
( ) 1 Open Media artwork due Tuesday… 53 more words


Writing in my head

There’s something I am working on right now. I decided to write it in longhand. I love writing with a pen on paper. Always have. It makes me think better, more slowly, and helps me to structure what I am trying to say better as well. 498 more words


Don't confuse complacency with waiting on God

Act, and God will act - Joan of Arc

If we say we believe something but do not act as if it is true, all we have done is make a noise.

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A New Way to Procrastinate

I am currently procrastinating my academic work (which is in English) by learning Japanese.

Well, I suppose that technically, at the moment, I am procrastinating by blogging; but habitually this past week, my go-to method of avoiding work has been practicing… 947 more words

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