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I once saw a meme on Pinterest that said something about the idea that you should make your living doing what you choose to do when you procrastinate. 837 more words

A lot of self-things. Have fun understanding.

This bunch of weekdays has certainly been eventful and while I acknowledge that I did NOT post, I also am not apologizing for it. Nor am I offering up an excuse. 475 more words

Book Mess

Posting my reading queue has made me feel focused and organized, which is new. The only comparison is to when I finally got all three of my file drawers in perfect shape* at work. 588 more words


current situation

So how do I begin to describe my current situation.

I’m sitting in my dads Hi-Fi room listening to my favour temper trap vinyl. A treat to myself after a long term of barely any sleep, assignments, events and fairs, responsibilities and commitments and of course, more assignments. 366 more words

Don't let your "what if's" become "what might have been."

You’ve heard the saying “it’s never too late to change.” What they forgot to add is “but one day it will be.” So if you’re still procrastinating about an important change you know you should make, please start now. 15 more words


Persistence - That Creeping Voice

Before I finish any major project, I try to take a step back and let it simmer a while. This could be for an hour or two, maybe even a few days; any break mentally will do. 513 more words

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بسم الله و الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Procrastination is something that I’ve personally struggled with for a very long time. However, one important thing that I realized was that I’d procrastinate on things that I… 162 more words