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The "Almost" One

I have now finally found myself out of bed and in a cafe but alas, I am still procrastinating. I will work ever so hard after this, I promise. 368 more words


Doing It Now! (Tap to snooze)

Somewhere in the house is a book with a very jazzy cover – bright yellow and black stripes as I recall. Big, bold red letters that declare: “Doing It Now!” It is quite possible that the title has more than one exclamation mark. 1,181 more words


Riding the wave(s)

Bonjour from far away!

Although I haven’t moved and am still writing from France. It has been much too long since I last updated, and I (probably) have no excuse. 406 more words


Procrastination - my biggest weakness

It has been nearly four days since I have have been thinking about putting a new entry. But kept putting it off. But that’s just a petty issue. 375 more words


Family Crests

So in the midst of severe procrastination Laura and I decided to create her own family crest. She did her own “regal” and traditional version but I branched out a bit and created her “ghetto version” for a more modern day vibe…. 114 more words


First post - introduction

one… two…three…

They say once you start writing, words will just pop up in your mind and you’ll just keep going and going and suddenly you have a novel (or at least a page) so I’m just gonna give this a try. 207 more words



Happy Sunday guys- this weekend flew by! I had a great, and cold time, Friday night going to see the tree lighting with C, and finally saw the Beyond Lights last night with a friend! 414 more words