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A hobby or simply procrastinating?

Recently I’ve taken up playing solitaire on my laptop. I have no idea why I started, think it was in a moment of boredom over Christmas. 176 more words

Eden Project


Lately I have been holding onto these breaks from my work where I can go photograph for fun, no time limit, no expectations and no pressure, which is hard to do when there is constant projects to be doing but hopefully this will be my last procrastination blog and I will actually finish all this work. 55 more words

Nature News

Homework Grind

Ah, the dreaded finals are upon me. And of course, I am procrastinating per usual via blog post. Or as I prefer to call it… taking a well deserved  246 more words


I'm a Perfectionist Procrastinator

It’s apparently common for perfectionists to procrastinate, because when they look at a task, they see something extremely large and complex to be done, and don’t feel they have the time and energy to do it properly. 49 more words

Live the moment

I’m lying here and talking to myself…

Lemme start this the primary school debating society way: before I proceed, let me first define the paramaters. Live, What does it mean to live? 623 more words


Darn you

I haven’t done my homework. I still need to write my essay that was due on THURSDAY. and its SATURDAY. Darn you homework. You always make me procrastinate. 36 more words


Outlining Again and Actually Writing a Little

So…follow up to the rather down post from yesterday.  Despite all of the problems I’m facing, somehow, I just can’t give up on my writing.  I guess I just have too many stories that want to be told.   271 more words