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The benefit to set up a deadline

“To achieve great things, you need a plan and not quite enough time”.

Leonard Bernstein

During last years the concept about that deadline as an excellent tool to achieve objetives has popularised and spreading.

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Life Hack: Do the thing you're told ASAP

I’m forgetful. And I had to learn this hack the hard way. It’s really embarrassing when you forget what someone told you to do three minutes after they tell you to do it because you just wanted to check out your Facebook newsfeed for two minutes. 44 more words

Life Hacks

Next week... Next week... Wait... Next week, I promise

Standing in the middle of my living room, up to my knees in stuffed animals, discarded socks and receiving blankets, I remember a time when my apartment was tidy, minimal except for the alphabetically organized books. 473 more words


Getting ahead of the game..

Given the recent mass dumping of Lake Effect snows in and around New York this week, I think it high time I stop procrastinating and get my snow blower fixed. 282 more words


Being an OU student

Gosh, The Open University (http://www.open.ac.uk) is a wonderful thing. Distance learning, at your own pace, with no qualifications required and a degree at the end of it. 493 more words

Shakespeare for Students

If Hamlet was a university student…

Student: To work or not to work–that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The pains and sorrows of sleep deprivation… 273 more words

The Art of Procrastinating

Well I finally got down to write this. So how many of you can relate to procrastination. Which of the above categories do you belong to? 367 more words