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Procrastination, you sneaky son of a gun

I have a report due in 14 hours and here I am writing a blog post.  Procrastination,  you win again!

I do this with every assignment or exam,  “just do a little bit every day and then you won’t be so stressed when it’s due!” 123 more words

Nonsense Unicorn

Stay Focused and Stop the Procrastination Game

The academic year 2014/2015 is now underway and students everywhere will no doubt think “I’ll just check Facebook for 5 minutes, then I get back to studying.” 399 more words


Artist's Block

I am constantly faced with this. It seems to be endless and no matter how hard I try to find it, motivation seems to have disappeared completely. 147 more words

A Level

What am I doing, again?

I’ve already forgotten what I’m supposed to be doing. This is in spite of having been warned several times that the various things I was doing are not actual work. 709 more words

HOW TO GET A FIRST, Michael Tefula. What I have learnt from reading part two of this book:

  • Expand the use of your memory-try memory games, look up methods to practice, etc.
  • The idea about effectively planning and managing the tasks that are required of you and completing them in your own time, but well before the university-set deadlines.
  • 301 more words


I’ve been fairly honest about my deplorable writing habits, the fact that my attention span is smaller than a gnat’s, and that I’m a world class procrastinator.   659 more words




My mid-semester break is approaching towards the end. I am feeling very lazy to head back to the college and fight for my study because lying down all day is my favourite routine. 87 more words

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