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Last night I was promoted from designer to producer on another video game. It’ll be an action adventure with a cartoony style.

But I’m also producing and designing my own personal game on the side. 148 more words

Video Games

MDA2900: Boundaries Day 2


Thankfully there was no shooting scheduled on this day. Boy did I need a day to recover.

The day was spent catching up on sleep (a little), changing the set over, preparing as much food as possible, picking up the bookcase from Tiki Cafe, reevaluating Tara’s ability to make me more aware of time and reality, reevaluating my ability to not completely lose touch with time and reality, and meditating.

Ready for tomorrow.


Lindsay Lohan Enjoys Vacation In Bikini

The “Mean Girls” babe Lindsay Lohan who is vacationing on a yacht off the island of Capri in Italy along with her little sister Ali is enjoying the finer things in life. 54 more words


CrateStream presents - Producing with The Audible Doctor

Audible Doctor sat down with TheBeeShine/CrateStream to flip a
sample and show them my process of making a beat…because we all
liked how the beat came out we decided to make an official contest… 16 more words

Hip Hop

MDA2900: The day before

It is the day before we dive into production, so much left to do.

Pick up the equipment, buy the food, prepare some of the food, tidy the house, finish set dressing, go over the shot list and schedule, remind myself to breathe, check-in with the actors, panic a little, meditate, breathe, check that I have all of the costume and props, panic a little bit more, remind the producer to breathe, breathe! 122 more words


Negotiating your first contract at your first TV news job

There I was receiving my second contract offer since starting my job hunt four months ago. The last contract negotiation was an utter failure and it cost me a job. 390 more words