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The option when producing a prototype in metal – how to decide on process and ...

The option when producing a prototype in metal – how to decide on process and …
That said, it may be possible to use a different casting process (plaster, sand or investment for instance) for your prototype. 82 more words


Last night I was promoted from designer to producer on another video game. It’ll be an action adventure with a cartoony style.

But I’m also producing and designing my own personal game on the side. 148 more words

Video Games

the [Fantasia] [Frontières] final countdown...

I’m on a train catching up on some Birdland casting business (we’re approaching some big names this week) and struggling to type with the insane nails I decided to inflict upon my hands for Fantasia (flashier nails = more confidence, right?) and texting my… 403 more words


Producing The Most Of Your Historic Property by DIY Decor Projects Blog

Most of us would agree that historic residences are fascinating. It’s impressive, is not it, the way that doorways have been shorter, hallways narrower, and rooms themselves were all close to smaller sized “back then.” It is a single issue to stroll via a historical house and think about dai… if you want to view full content please visit this … 6 more words

8 Wall Murals For Producing You Really Feel Like Sleeping With Stars by Interior Design Blog

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8 Wall Murals for Producing You Feel Like Sleeping with Stars
by Joanna on Jun five, 2014 No Comments
We bet you would love to invite a star for a dinner (with breakfast)… So we have ready for you the terrific 8 tips on how to do this. 23 more words

Low Risk Grapes

This month’s American Wine Society meeting was hosted by friends John and Sandy Tuller on Seneca Lake near the Anthony Road Winery. Like several in the area, John is a Kodak-person-turned-grower, and he was among the first to get established here. 378 more words


Q + A with Misty's Big Adventure frontman Grandmaster Gareth

Everyone excited to see Misty’s Big Adventure play the Symphony Hall Foyer at 5pm tomorrow? We are! Come down and party with us! For now, here’s a Q + A we did with Grandmaster Gareth… 257 more words