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5 great reasons to make a short version of your feature film first...

So you have an idea, or possibly a script for a feature film. Even if you’re experienced in producing short films, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful in pitching your feature project to investors or production companies, and even if you are, it’s highly likely

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41 steps you need to take to make a feature film...

Making a feature film is a monumental task. When starting, it’s easy to be daunted by the work that needs to be done, but if you use this checklist that I use, you’ll find each task much more manageable.

Film Production

Film Journal- Week 15: Beginning of the End

On Friday we had the final sound mix for the film that I directed back in March. It’s the final step in the production process and it really does feel like the end of something. 402 more words


The In-Between Places: How My Faith and Art Fit Together

How my faith and my art fit together has been one of the great challenges — and satisfactions — of my life and writing career so far. 1,061 more words


8 tips to a successful career in Film...

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This inspiring phrase, attributed to self-help author Alan Lakein, is used in all walks of life, but is especially true for you, a talented, ambitious filmmaker looking for your first break. 728 more words

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Clairvoyant Hospice Nurse Fights for Her Life When Psychotic Intruder Tests Limits of Her Intuition by Dawn Davis of HARMONY

“Acting makes me feel alive because it allows me to be used as a vehicle for an expression that is greater than me. It’s a very spiritual experience; I feel that I can be an instrument in service to the energy that connects all of us on a higher level- a level that we’re normally not so conscious or aware of.” writes actor/producer Dawn Davis regarding her new short film HARMONY. 67 more words


The Process of Executive Producing

The entertainment industry is full of new and interesting ideas. Every day there are individuals who come up with what could be the concept for the next big hit series. 505 more words