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My First Partiglye Post

Once I jumped into doing all-grain batches I wanted to try doing this old method of brewing two beers from one set of grain (or mash).   579 more words


The Ins and Outs of Recording Studios

Many people are curious about the secret world of recording studios.  I’m going to explain the ins and outs of the recording process and give you some pointers when it comes to recording. 991 more words


When It Gets Good

It’s Been A While Since My Last Entry

It’s not that I’ve not wanted to write, trust me, I have(!), but there just hasn’t been time. 394 more words


Impress Me, In 60 Seconds or Less: Submissions, Part 1

The Fools & Kings Project is putting up its inaugural show, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Excitement! Merriment! Auditions….

I have spent the past few weeks poring over actors’ submissions with my lovely and amazing Fools & Kings partner, Vanessa Wendt. 1,023 more words


5 great reasons to make a short version of your feature film first...

So you have an idea, or possibly a script for a feature film. Even if you’re experienced in producing short films, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful in pitching your feature project to investors or production companies, and even if you are, it’s highly likely

Film Production

41 steps you need to take to make a feature film...

Making a feature film is a monumental task. When starting, it’s easy to be daunted by the work that needs to be done, but if you use this checklist that I use, you’ll find each task much more manageable.

Film Production

Film Journal- Week 15: Beginning of the End

On Friday we had the final sound mix for the film that I directed back in March. It’s the final step in the production process and it really does feel like the end of something. 402 more words