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Product back log is an item of scrum framework which represents a list of prioritized features. It contains features, bugs, software dependencies, user stories, uses cases etc. 523 more words

Product Owner

Agile Values in Scrum: The Important Principles and Values of Scrum Explained

Scrum is perhaps the best known Agile method of implementing successful projects. Scrum projects complete on time, and result into higher ROI for the stakeholders. This makes Scrum an ideal, and the most preferred choice while implementing projects, in which the product definition is liable to change with the changing market conditions. 496 more words

Creating our first story map

(This is part 1)

I liked the idea of story-mapping from the first time that I read about it. I’d done a couple of up-front sprint zero type exercises to create and size a Product Backlog at my previous company, and the feedback from the team about the exercise was that, once it got down to the relative sizing, it was hard to keep a grasp on the bigger picture and people often got confused about the relationships and boundaries between stories. 1,097 more words


The Core Role and Responsibilities of a Product Owner in Scrum

One of the commonest mistakes that people make while considering the product owner’s role in scrum is to consider him or her as either actually owning the product, or functioning as a decision maker while developing the product for the stakeholders. 375 more words

All about How To Hold Conventional And Non-Conventional Scrum Meetings

In many ways, scrum is all about meetings. Once the product backlog is created by the product owner, the meetings starts, and keeps on occurring until the entire project is completed. 550 more words

Types Of Burn Down Charts In Scrum – What And Why They Are Used For

In scrum, a burn down chart is used to provide a graphical representation of the total work remaining, or left to do, versus time. The pending or outstanding work is generally represented along the vertical X-axis, while the time is plotted against the horizontal Y-axis. 463 more words

The DEEP Method Used For Product Backlog Grooming – How To Prioritize the Product Backlog Items In Scrum

It is very important to prioritize the product backlog from time to time so that it remains updated, and “healthy”. The DEEP method used to refine the product backlog items can be understood as follows: 726 more words