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Is Agile Scrum suitable For Software Development?

The scope of development in the software/IT field

People and individuals associated with software development and the IT field like to use the term “software development” to describe their particular field of work and professional involvement. 3,178 more words

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Things that can go wrong in Product Backlog

Product Backlog as I mentioned in my previous blog, is a ordered list of set of requirements which team needs to work upon. Backlog helps in getting the pace of the project and is used to capture the changing requirements. 194 more words


Product Backlog : What and Who?


Product Backlog may be viewed as the list of things to do when jolted down somewhere.Initially when a project kicks off we have a set of requirements which needs to be achieved in order to meet the project goals. 103 more words


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Hiding work in progress on the backlog

Last year we made a change to the product backlog functionality so that work in progress would remain on the backlog until finished. 246 more words

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“Refactoring is like tidying up at home. If every time I come back from a shopping or from a business trip, I sling down my things and don’t put them away, pretty soon my house is a mess.

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Product Backlog

Velocity vs. Estimates

One of the frequent slips I see Scrum teams make is adjusting velocity when they should be amending an estimate, or vice versa.

My general advice is this: 371 more words

Can the Product Backlog items chosen for the Sprint Backlog be changed during the development?

I got an e-mail with questions about Scrum from a colleague preparing for his  Scrum Master exam at scrum.org . His e-mail was extremely interesting so I am quoting it in full along with my answer.