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Two dimensions: Just in time and Envisioning

A paradox?

In the previous post (JIT – Just in time and Software Development) I have discussed the importance of JIT approaches in Agile Development. 798 more words


#BusinessValuePoker for building a Product #Roadmap

At the end of last year I’ve made the great experience to built “yet another product roadmap” for our product line. This is nothing really new, except this was the first time overall for the whole product line while living agile. 298 more words

Product Backlog - Discovering and Describing items

Have you used to write all the detailed specifications upfront? If so, Scrum don’t use this approach. Here, discovering and describing items is an ongoing process and discovered throughout the project. 263 more words


Product Backlog - Grooming

Think about any living thing that is useful to you and don’t keep observation for long time, can you imagine the consequences! In the same manner, product backlog is a living document and if you’ve neglected that, it becomes unwieldy. 220 more words


Product backlog - DEEP Qualities

Author explains the DEEP qualities of the Product Backlog as below

Detailed Appropriately : The items should be detailed appropriately such that Higher priority items should described in more detail compared to that of the lower priority items. 89 more words


Product Backlog

There are some artifacts in the Scrum which are important and we now discuss about the Product Backlog.

What is Product Backlog?

We prioritize the outstanding work necessary to get the desired product. 57 more words


CloudConsult Sprint 12

We just completed a host of new features for CloudConsult users.

  1. Narratives in your Assessment Reports​. We have added narratives into each of the report to help CloudConsult users interpret the reports better.
  2. 189 more words
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