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Product Backlog and the Tea Leaves Effect

Do you like drinking a cup (glass) of tea? Ever had a tea bag that was torn? Spreading tea leaves in your tasty drink?

Then you know that such leaves circulate wildly and chaotically throughout your tea when you stir it, add water, or drink it. 241 more words


Scrum Product Owner Role And Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda

In many ways, in a Scrum project, the sprint planning meeting agenda plays a very significant part in determining the success of delivering shippable product increments through the sprint iterative cycles. 487 more words

Product Backlog

What are agile task lists?

In my last blog post, we looked at what an agile sprint retrospective is and why it is important. We found that retrospectives help a team to discover ways of increasing their functionality. 890 more words

Scrum Product Owner’s Role

Agile professionals have often discussed what the exact role of a product owner should be in Scrum. What virtues should a product owner possess to be considered a “good” PO? 423 more words

Agile team, backlog and its importance

Agile team 

An Agile team is mainly composed of a product owner and a team of domain expert, technical expert and testers who are guided by a team lead. 443 more words