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Scrum X - Artefacts II (Sprint Backlog)

Sprint backlog is a task board. It is a physical representation of the work that has been committed and its progress in the sprint. This is a physical / visual  representation of the work at hand. 48 more words

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Scrum X - Artefacts I (Product Backlog)

Product backlog is a combination of various work items / tasks that are yet to be completed, thus the word Backlog. These work items / Product backlog items can be provided by anybody. 288 more words

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Scrum X - Artifacts

Though not much is mentioned about documentation in the scrum methodology, this does not mean, that it is not high on documentation. Product backlogs do not exist without any approved documentation, though the requirements are emerging as the sprints progress. 77 more words

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Writing User Stories

What is a user story?

It is a simple and brief statement of requirements, written in plain English and from the perspective of the user: 1,456 more words