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Online Pillar 1: #Health

When my iPhone upgraded to iOS8, and up popped a new screen icon called “Health”, was there any further proof needed of the importance of this market to Apple’s app store? 554 more words

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Magical Power of Innovation

Sit back, enjoy the show . . .

Paperman is a 2012 black-and-white 3D hand-drawn/computer animated romantic comedy short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and directed by John Kahrs. 667 more words


When to pull the plug

I live in a town that prides itself on being a walking district—meaning that we do not have school buses, and children are expected to walk to school.  469 more words

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The "Three Pillars" Driving the #Online Economy

Games and social media apps may currently be generating the most downloads and revenue, but the real innovation in the online economy comes from the… 211 more words

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Brain Drain update

I haven’t updated my followers about Brain Drain lately, and we were supposed to have released to market at the end of July. What has happened? 1,060 more words

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Lessons I've Learned From A Start-Up So Far! - Part 1

So it is now early August and Brain Drain has launched! I say ‘launched’, but it was a soft launch and we are positioning it as a beta release (hey, some products spend their whole lives in beta so who cares? 1,136 more words

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Notes on The Design Studio Method by Todd Zaki Warfel

from the Agile NYC UX conference 2012, link to Vimeo video here

Selling point to prospective team members/C-level execs: You can generate 2 weeks worth of work with 1 six-hour session. 442 more words

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