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Facebook announces "Save" for Newsfeed, a Read-it-Later Service

You scroll down your Newsfeed and find an interesting link. But you don’t have time to read it, and you are torn between reading it and doing your work. 151 more words

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Suzuki Ertiga a 7-seater family Car, Fuel-efficient and feature-rich Life Utility Vehicle

Why buy a ladder frame AUV with high body roll and bumpy ride when you can have a monocoque with a true car-like ride for much less? 467 more words


Why Salespeople Should Learn How to Sell Lemonade

So, this weekend, my nine year old daughter decides to set up a lemonade stand at the front of the house as her first commercial enterprise. 867 more words

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When a bad startup idea gives us good laughs

Let’s face it, not all ideas out there are worth of praise. I have been to many startup networking events where several people told me about very similar startup ideas that were basically copy-cats of other already proven models. 76 more words


Amazon announces Kindle Unlimited, a service that offers Unlimited Books for $9.99/Month

Amazon has announced Kindle Unlimited, a service offering you unlimited books for just $9.99 per month. It is available for all platforms, including the KIndle Ereader (Of course), and the Apps for iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Windows.

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I was invited to attend an event at Southard Communications to learn about a new app for parents that helps monitor your child’s time limit on devices. 334 more words


Best face washes for Acne-prone skin

Due to my brief stint at beauty brands and being associated with services providers, a lot of people have mistaken me for Zubaida Apa of Social Media, asking me  which skincare products they should buy and which ones I have personally used etc. 816 more words