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The Lytro Illum: Lytro gets a chance to revolutionize photography, once again

Lytro had showcased to the world it’s revolutionary new Light-FIeld technology which promised to change photography forever. Lytro had even released a model later on, but it didn’t quite pick up steam due to its low-res capture resolution and half-baked hardware and software.

7 Steps for Structuring a Product Campaign

We’re going to create a company, build a campaign, and capture the interest of news outlets and millions of unexpecting online viewers. Why? Because this is done… 197 more words

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Change is Good!

As a child of the 70′s, I grew up in an era of a HUGE conservation push. It was the era of Woodsy Owl and Iron Eyes Cody. 700 more words


How to prepare for an out of office business meeting

Whether you are travelling to another province or abroad for a product launch, brainstorm session or business meeting with foreign offices, it is always smart to be well prepared. 320 more words

Improve Your Meetings In Holland

Grams: A Google-Clone, for searching the Dark Web's dark world of drugs and hitmen

The Dark Web is that dark corner of the internet which no one truly knows about. You can only access Dark Web sites through Tor and that too with a cryptic hard to remember URLs which end in “.onion” instead of “.com”. 391 more words

Product Launch

How The Charming Lenormand Came to Be

Life has a funny way of bringing things full circle. We–Caitlin and Tia–began as friends in high school, and were drawn to the mystical ways of the world. 341 more words

Charming Lenormand

Cadbury 5 Star Chomp Falls Flat on Taste

Chocolates are supposed to be delicious, and that’s what Cadbury Chomp lacks.

Cadbury has recently launched a new chocolate called Chomp, which is seen as an attempt to grab some share of a segment that was earlier dominated by Snicker in India.

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