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3 weeks and 4 films!!! HELP

Sitting here with my producer and she says very calmly OH BY THE WAY WE HAVE 3 WEEKS UNTIL WE ARE FILMING! The excitement has not yet kicked in and I am freaking out about colours clothing and make up! 60 more words

Advice from Great Filmmakers

Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, Michel Gondry, Divid Lynch,

Sidney Lumet, amongst others.



Visual Style: The Design of a Production

When discussing filmmaking and  visual style we often think of the Director’s vision, we celebrate the Cinematographer’s sensibility but we have a tendency to forget the Production Designer. 403 more words


Work in progress - Cloning sequence, test photographs

Finally got around to taking some test photographs to explore a few ideas for a cloning sequence for a short film. Pretty pleased with the results so far, particularly considering the simplicity of the set-up and materials used for these shots… Lots more work still to be done.



Production design is the creation and association of the physical world encompassing a film story. The term was authored by maker David O. Selznick (1902–1965) to depict the more prominent than-typical commitment of creator William Cameron Menzies (1896–1957) to Gone with the Wind (1939), however the precise responsibility of a production designer, differs from film to film. 266 more words

Broadcast Media

Your Home is Your Film Set

Today I went to a required workshop for one of my production classes and the workshop was about production design–by the wonderful Bronte.

Now, one of the exercises that she had us do was look at a picture of a students desk and try and describe the character by their school desk. 886 more words


Sketchbook: Week 1

Pages from my “From Greatness to Dust and Back Again” story sketchbook over the past week. Character studies, inventing a new tribal-clan culture idea, cosmonauts, sketches of a few inspirations, personal criticism on mistakes in drawings, and making fun of myself and my characters being “furries” (all in good spirits, of course). 30 more words