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The Second Week

Week two at the new job has almost officially come to an end, and it was surprisingly good.

They threw us in on actual orders right away, beginning Monday morning. 634 more words


One Week

My first official week at my new job has been completed.
Overall, I think it went pretty well, which is a huge relief.

The training process was incredibly thorough, so there was a lot of information thrown at us in a relatively short period of time. 545 more words

Personal Update

Additional Visuals

I worked on an extra visual for the reception space to show more detail and colour for some of the walls and screens. These colours and textures will echo the rest of the space. 147 more words

Production Design

Completed White Card Model: Reception with green screen

My reception space used green screen to extend the height of the set so I decided to show on the model where it would be placed in relation to the  action. 84 more words

Production Design

Arena Render: Final stages

I needed to complete one rendered section of a set to show model making skills. These are the various stages through to the final piece. I decided to use a combination of techniques to render the model. 65 more words

Production Design

Case Study 2: Discussions With Production Designer Guy Hendrix Dyas 2

I found an interview that shows what Guy Hendrix Dyas thinks about Production Design and the process as a whole. I have selected the parts of the interview that is most relevant to my question and project. 2,849 more words

Production Design