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The Final Project

The flurry of activity of the past few weeks has sputtered out and now all that remains is the long slog to finals. The excitement of creation is over and now we return to the trenches to prepare for our upcoming battles. 695 more words


Google search of the day: Interviewer didn’t ask me any questions…

As most millennials are doing right now, looking for a job, I am too. Decided to tweak my carerr path a little and slightly switch industries. 256 more words

New final script - 'Deception'

Our final script can be seen below by the name of ‘Deception’. After the hopeless disaster we had surrounding our first idea, we were glad to end up with a script which we were extremely happy with that needed no further alterations and was ready to begin with recording.

NEW SCRIPT (ignore minor annotations)


New script ideas

We racked our brains to conjure up new and innovative ideas for a brand new radio drama as we had finally realised our previous efforts were not going to prove successful. 665 more words

Research And Planning

Script Read Throughs

Reading through the script together as a group with a tutor present was an extremely crucial part of planning as it was important to work together to establish what changes and improvements needed to be made and what needed to be cut out. 389 more words


The social effects of unsustainable production

In the Story of Stuff video, when considering buying a $5 radio, Leonard poses a question: Who pays for this?

I just found this website… 189 more words

Engaging The Chaos Early

Exhale. Go ahead, take a moment to breathe and recover from what I hope was an amazing, albeit exhausting, weekend of ministry. Most of our friends serving in worship and technical ministry worked countless hours last week, spending days and even weeks preparing for Easter services. 688 more words