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Defining the Day

Since graduating, things have slowed down for me considerably. Not that I really had a lot going on during my time in college, but I never realized how much of my life was taken up by school, probably because it was the only thing I’ve known for so many years. 567 more words


It's Okay to Procrastinate

I am unashamedly an excellent procrastinator, and I’ll tell you why that’s just fine.

When most people talk about procrastination, they talk about it in a negative way, usually saying things like “I procrastinate all the time, it’s awful” or “I always leave things until the last minute, what’s wrong with me?”. 912 more words


Uh oh, my pulse slowed down.

When was the last time that you took a break from life and did something completely relaxing?  I can tell you that I don’t remember the last time I took a few minutes like that.  989 more words


Working in the Night is More Productive

I have always believed that working late into the night would bring productive results. I have experienced it first-hand too. That is the only time when you are free from all distractions; when you can concentrate and get more thing things done than you do during the day. 1,440 more words


No More Sewing (Mostly)

After talking it over for a long while with Carl last night, I’ve taken another step in living well: I will finish the two projects I’m currently working on (dress for Joy, only needs buttons and buttonholes; capris for Grace, cut out and should only take an hour to sew), and then I will… 254 more words

Apartment Living

Many Options

Today is one of those days where I have a cornucopia of things I could do, a couple that people think I’m actually going to do, and none of them I actually want to do. 178 more words


Time is valuable

So my work placement is going well, a lot of basic work but nonetheless helpful for the company. Research and planning have been the main focus  of the last few days, we are working on a proposal for a big company so its great to be part of something important.  160 more words