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The #July2014Challenge comes to an end...

…but it is only the beginning.

I am heading into my second year teaching math. During my first year, I spent it keeping my head above water while completing 10 online classes to gain my permanent teaching certificate and preaching every Sunday as an Interim Preacher at a church about an hour away. 467 more words


Shazam On A Mac | Magical Connection To Media

Shazam has already covered ground on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, but now it is prepared to bring its media identification software to more devices. 210 more words


Productivity: To-Do or Not To-Do

I always seem to have a to-do list about a mile long and I can hardly seem to find the time and energy to get any of it done.   428 more words


Handle Your Email Like a Ninja Warrior

Some of you may have heard of the fabled “Inbox Zero.” I remember coming across it and thinking what a great idea it was. I immediately logged into my gmail account to find 5,000+ emails in my inbox. 2,688 more words


Opening and Closing Routines

My physical therapist recently stressed to me the importance of morning for the well-being of my body, and spent a good portion of our last session helping me practice how to properly get out of bed without putting strain on my skeleton. 283 more words