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Building Value: Can + Want x Do = Results

Can, Want, Do. The three core drivers of performance and achievement for individuals and teams. Let’s explore the combination of these three drivers as a whole a bit more fully before we get into the specifics of each and how we can simply and powerfully leverage them personally and for our teams. 826 more words


Turbo Teams: Productivity Problem Solving One-Day Event (Part 2)

In a way, I’m kind of embarrassed to have to take a second post to describe a one-day event.  I rationalize this by telling myself that there is so much information to share about this jam-packed one day event that we need more space!   961 more words


Page Speed Improved thru Code Accessibility

I am merely the messenger. Here are five of many pages by Patrick Sexton regarding page speed improvement. Each page link includes a few words of reverence. 199 more words

Tips And Tricks

Can’t get control of your emails – try the 4 D’s!

Written by Anna J. (Productivity Coach)

Here at Kaleidoscope we offer more than ‘how to’ training. Most people are inundated with emails and feel like they are never going to get on top of their mailboxes. 169 more words


Three ways to get ahead

Love or hate work, we all want to be better, work smarter and improve performance. Why? Because deep down we want to give the world and ourselves our best. 413 more words


The Elusive And Ficticious Work Life Balance

If you have been striving to achieve this balance I’m truly sorry, but your efforts have been in vain. Allow me to elaborate.

1. Calling it a work life balance immediately assigns the most importance to the wrong element in the statement.  435 more words



Productivity is not operating at 100% all the time.