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R.O.W.E, R.O.W.E, R.O.W.E, Your Boat...Whenever The Heck You Like

As I’ve discussed before, and will likely explore a lot more in future, the 1950′s organisational “asses-on-seats-in-offices= productivity” thinking needs to go. We’ve all got mobile devices blah blah, always reachable blah blah- thats old news by now. 688 more words

Company Structure

The Value of Productivity Coaching

Written by Ian H. (Productivity Coach)

Instead of taking time out to attend courses, our clients get a just-in-time, bespoke Productivity Coaching service. Help only when they need it, in short but very effective bursts. 229 more words


Friday Reading

This week I read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. I found this book to be quite interesting and useful, which I also found surprising.  It didn’t seem like the type of book that would actually help me, but I do work in a multi-cultural virtual team environment and so many of the points were relevant. 57 more words


What Microsoft Means By Productivity

Microsoft has recently started to talk about productivity as part of it’s new mission, they used to talk about people, but that seemed to be forgotten in the ‘devices and services era’.  600 more words


The End Of The Surface Pro Experiment

A couple of weeks ago I broke my ‘buying fast’ and purchased a Surface Pro 3. Last night I decided that it was better suited to my artistic daughter than it was to me, so I’m handing it on to her and getting back on my buying fast. 839 more words


Office Space Density vs. Productivity

I’ve been helping out with office designs at work over the last few weeks and it’s interesting to watch the challenges raised when I make suggestions that compromise density in the service of increasing productivity. 422 more words


A New Microsoft

It’s been very interesting to watch ever building evidence of a re-invigorated Microsoft. A Microsoft that’s becoming more relevant for both consumers and enterprises as their message of productivity, mobile and cloud starts to become real. 1,884 more words