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Fantasy Faire 2014 was the premiere of .Arcadia. So there’s lots of things – and stuff! To show here below that kicked off the Dreaming. 83 more words


Custom Made Furniture (2013)

Having a tiny apartment in NYC is like playing Tetris; you need to learn how to keep as much stuff as possible with least amount of space. 82 more words


Light Switch Rig (2012)

Sometimes seeing is believing!

Original Light Switch:

New Planetary Gear Light Switch:

Final AutoCAD:


Wash Day

Today was wash day! Going through wash day usually takes a long time, but today it wasn’t so bad. I co-wash and deep condition my hair every week, but I only use shampoo in this regiment once a month. 194 more words

Natural Hair

Home & Office : T-Bones Tea Infuser

Drink up, me hearties. Yo ho! An intimidating presence in the kitchen, this Tea Bones Skull & Crossbones Tea Infuser tells people you’re serious about your tea. 7 more words


Home & Office : A Song of Fire and Ice 2015 Calender

Memories of Westeros. Famous scenes from A Song of Ice and Fire are featured in this calendar. Rendered in brilliantly imaginative detail by acclaimed artist Donato Giancola, these images bring Westeros to life. 7 more words


T-Shirts & Apparel : The Pony Games Ladies' Tee

Happy Pony Games! You know, if this was flying through the corner of the frame every time they showed footage of District 13, we’d notice something like that. 7 more words