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little children’s bones

littering the battlefield—

offerings profane


Those dirty words

Most of us reserve the term dirty words to the words that landed a bar of soap in Ralphie’s mouth in “A Christmas Story”. I think there are a few other words we should consider adding to the dirty list. 93 more words

Swearing for fun?

So in the time that I spent not writing more blogs, I’ve been watching quite a few commentaries. I’ve noticed a couple of trends.

1. They tend to be adults. 254 more words


Three Portraits

After years of want,
she despises liberal ways—
chary old woman.

~~ ~~ ~~

With her profane tongue
she lashes out at flowers—
petals fall to earth.
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Towards an understanding of media events as sacred spaces for the secular individual

From Mircea Eliade to Paul Virilio, an Introduction

It may come as no surprise to the reader that sacred spaces, the spaces that divide and define the larger heterogenous space are decided by media events rather than physical symbols errected to commerate events. 1,071 more words

Sacred and Profane


What is sacred? Well, “sacred” means “not profane”, right? Not of the every day, not of the real world around us.

“The Sacred and the Profane” is a dichotomy used by scholars who study religions as a handy tool to categorise in clear-cut terms. 997 more words