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The Same Day

The Same Day

It’s probably better  to learn  from history  than dismiss it.     Instead of groaning,  “Boring!”  let’s take a peek  at some Old Testament history. 913 more words


First things first,

If you’re thinking I’m going to begin this post by saying, “I’m the realest,” you’re wrong, and we’re probably not friends. Just kidding (I do that a lot, probably more than I should). 448 more words

If I Didn't Care

Weekly Sabbath Survey

If I Didn’t Care — 11-22-2014

Awhile back I paused and gave thought several times to what I’m doing with what I sincerely believe is my ministry in the Lord. 924 more words

Some new & old reading

I’m thrilled to be in the inaugural issue of Profane, a beautiful journal out of Mankato, Minnesota by the indefatigable Jacob Little and Patrick Chambers. 135 more words

the sacred & the profane

In my Society & Religion class, we learned about French sociologist Emile Durkheim’s idea of the sacred and the profane. The sacred is defined as something that is set apart from what is ordinary and inspires awe within us. 280 more words


So, the world is only a field of dust

of loves, fucks, friendships, dead skin and lusts.

Darling, are you just a speck in the rubble? 119 more words